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Anyone tried this method to have the RX 6600 working on CATALINA? Details included

What I am posting below is some interesting info from a thread that is currently trying to get the AMD Vega 8 IGPU working on Mac OS. However a poster did share this info.

"So I made two discoveries recently with regards to hardware acceleration. Not sure if some of you know but what I found that's interesting is both AMD and Intel kexts in macOS /S/L/E I found share the same IOMatchCategory values under the kexts which is IOAcceleration. Unique to Intel is the IntelAccelerator IOClass which can be found in the AppleIntelSKLGraphics and AppleIntelICLGraphics kexts. I am quite sure with the info we've found so far it is possible to create a SSDT or even kext driver of sorts. We just need to figure out how to designate the AMD Vega properly as an internal IGPU.

Secondly (on a fairly related note of injecting AMD codes for acceleration), I managed to recently successfully boot up a RX6600 card in a Z590 system under Catalina. As we know the RX6600 isn't supported until Monterey, but I managed to fill in the required gaps in the Apple AMD kexts (AMDRadeonX6000Controller and AMDFramebuffer) by adding a Navi 23 class and the RX6600 device-id. I was totally amazed it booted up. This means it is totally possible to add the Vega 8 for acceleration.

Alright, that's good going - it might work for my Atari VCS. And thanks for the explanation about the IOAcceleration.

With regards to the RX6600 Catalina solution, well this is what I did:

-Made an external USB SSD install of Catalina. Disabled SIP from Recovery mode and Gatekeeper for both Monterey and Catalina (from separate installs).

Made a copy of the following Catalina kext files onto Catalina Desktop, plus from Monterey Beta in separate folder:




Reading the equivalent Monterey files, edited the Info.plist of Catalina kext files by transferring over missing sections of the AMD Info.plist (cutting and pasting) in the kexts, with particular regards to the Navi23 IOKitPersonality details and then added the FF731002 device-id to the end of it under IOPCIMatch. Saved the edited Info.plists.

Copied the files over into S/L/E, renabled Gatekeeper and SIP and then rebooted with RX6600.

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Do I need to Upgrade anything?

I would like to switch to hackintosh just want to know if I should upgrade anything to atleast run it.

Pretty sure I can run High Sierra 10.13.6

HP Pavilion 15-bc5xxx


CPU: Intel Core i5-9300H 4100mhz

GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050

GPU 2:Intel UHD 630

RAM: 8GB 1333mhz


WIFI: Realtek RTL8822BE 802.11ac PCIe Adapter (I use ethernet mainly though)

DISPLAY: 1920 x 1080 60Hz

DISPLAY 2: 1920 x 1080 60Hz

If you need anything else lmk

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When I'm downloading something, or listening to music via spotify, I'm unable to connect to websites?

I'm currently running my Optiplex 3020 as a Monterey hackintosh, smbios as a macmini7,1. My internet kext is - RealtekRTL8111. Using the built-in ethernet port. Everything seems to work fine, but I have this annoying issue.

Whenever I'm downloading something or listening to Spotify, or sometimes if I even have a YT video in the background, I'll constantly get the "site is unreachable please check your internet" error. I'm not 100% sure this is my Optiplex, or my router, but it doesn't happen on other devices. and I'm able to still connect to my router's admin panel while websites won't load. I also have Windows 10 on this machine and it doesn't seem to happen when using it. I had Big Sur on this machine before but I can't really remember if it had the same issue or not.

I'm using OC 0.8.0 if that matters.

Not sure what else to include, but does anyone have any experience with this? Is it possible to fix?

I also keep seeing "volume hash mismatch" once in awhile, telling me to reinstall macos. But I'm not sure what that error means because the system is stable, aside from my internet. I've heard this is a bug with the latest version of Monterey, but could this have something to do with it? I've never experienced any kernel panics, crashes, apps malfunctioning, etc.

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M73 Haswell Catalina stuck AmiShimTimerBoostExit changed current period

Good day, peeps. I've been stuck at this line this past few days. I'm trying to install Catalina. I have tried all usb ports on the device, and enabled/disbaled DevirtualiseMmio, EnableWriteUnprotector, SetupVirtualMap, SyncRuntimePermissions to no avail. Hoping someone could help me out.

​ Stuck @ AmiShimTimerBoostExit changed current period to 549254 ​ config.plist: ​ Logs: ​ Specs: CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4150T CPU @ 3.00GHz Memory 2x4GB Samsung DDR3 1600MHz (PN: M471B5173DB0-YK0) GPU Intel HD Graphics 4400 Storage WDC WDS120G2G0A-00JH30 Audio Realtek ALC283 Ethernet Intel I217V OpenCore 0.8.0-DEBUG SMBIOS iMac14,4 ​ USB Tree: ├───BOOT │ .contentFlavour │ BOOTx64.efi └───OC │ .contentFlavour │ config.plist │ OpenCore.efi ├───ACPI │ SSDT-EC-DESKTOP.aml │ SSDT-PLUG-DRTNIA.aml ├───Drivers │ OpenRuntime.efi │ HfsPlus.efi ├───Kexts │ ├───AppleALC.kext │ │
│ ├───IntelMausi.kext │ │
│ ├───Lilu.kext │ │
│ ├───SMCProcessor.kext │ │
│ ├───SMCSuperIO.kext │ │
│ ├───VirtualSMC.kext │ │
│ └───WhateverGreen.kext │
├───Resources │ ├───Audio │ ├───Font │ ├───Image │ └───Label └───Tools OpenShell.efi

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BigSur on Acer Predator G5900

Hey there,

i'm trying for two day's now too install BigSur with OC 0.8.0. Getting no issues to boot the install page right now, that's how far i got on my own :crazy:. This ist my first time trying with OpenCore and my last attempt i tried Hackintosh is year's back. So i followed up the stepps from Dorotias Guide - Desktop Lynnfield and Clarkdale - and create my config.plist, got the necessary files like SSDT-EC-DESKTOP.aml. After some stuck's and fixing as i said, i got stuck at the...

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Update from Catalina to Big Sur

Hi i want to upgrade my hackintosh from mac os Catalina to Big Sur, and this is my first time doing a major software upgrade on an open core hackintosh. Catalina works mostly good, aside from iGPU issues (dissabled it) and turboboost causing freezes (solved turning it off).

Should I update directly from catalina? Or would be a better idea to take the time and do all the hackintosh from the ground up specially for big sur?

Hardware: Intel core i9 10850K Gigabyte Vision G Z490 Amd RX 580 8GB 32 GB Ram 3200MHz Nvme SSD for hackintosh Sata SSD with a working Catalina system Nvme SSD for FCP Fenvi T919

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Has anyone tested BigSurface kext?

I'm wondering if there's someone who has already installed this kext and if it works as promised. I would like to know if this will work or if someone has tested it on a Surface Laptop 3 as well. I did try it but ended messing some things around up that I needed to paste a backup of EFI folder.

Thank you in advance!

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Overclocking on MacOS

I am looking to overclocking my 6600xt on macOs, but all amd software seems to be windows only, is there a work around?

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