SPEC: Documenting Your Hackintosh Build

Audience: Intermediate to Expert Hackintosh Builders


Documenting your Hackintosh build is vital for sharing your experience with the community. It helps others learn from your setup and troubleshoot potential issues. This guide will outline the essential aspects you need to include in your documentation.

Essential Hardware Details

  • CPU: Specify the model and specifications.
  • GPU: Detail the make, model, and any specific drivers or settings used.
  • RAM: Include size, type, and frequency.
  • Motherboard/Laptop Make and Model: Crucial for compatibility checks.
  • Audio Codec: Identify the codec used for your audio setup.
  • Ethernet Card: Mention the model and any drivers used.
  • Wifi/BT Card: Detail the make, model, and any necessary kexts or patches.
  • Touchpad and Touch Display Devices: If applicable, specify the make and any custom configurations.
  • BIOS Revision: Include the version as it impacts compatibility.

Guide and Configuration

  • Guide Used: Mention which guide(s) from the sidebar you followed.
  • What's Working/Not Working: List the functionalities that are operational and those that aren’t, providing a clear picture of the build's current state.

Build Specifics

  • Unique Adjustments: Discuss any changes or tweaks you made that deviated from the standard guide. This is crucial for those who might have similar hardware or face similar issues.
  • EFI Tree View: Optionally, provide a tree view of your EFI folder. (Note: Do not share your EFI folder directly as it can cause issues for others with seemingly similar hardware.)

Additional Insights

  • Purpose of Your Build: Share what you intend to use your Hackintosh for, whether it's for work, gaming, development, etc.
  • Unique Features: Highlight any special features or custom setups in your build.
  • Troubleshooting and Tips: Offer insights or tips based on your experience that could assist others.


Remember, while sharing information is beneficial, sharing your EFI folder is not recommended. Each Hackintosh build is unique, and what works for one system may not work for another.


For any questions or feedback regarding this guide, please reach out through our feedback channel. Your input helps us improve and provide more detailed and accurate guides.

This guide ensures you cover all the crucial aspects of your Hackintosh build, aiding both yourself for future reference and the community in their Hackintosh journey.


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