If you haven't already, remember to document your build please. Success posts like screenshots without documentation add little value to the sub. Adding a bit of documentation to your success post can also help others in the community who are interested in similar builds.

Minimally, you should add your hardware:
  • CPU:
  • GPU:
  • RAM:
  • Motherboard/Laptop Make and Model:
  • Audio Codec:
  • Ethernet Card:
  • Wifi/BT Card:
  • Touchpad and touch display devices:
  • BIOS revision:
  • Which of the guides on the sidebar you used.
  • What's working, and what isn't working.

Any changes that were specific to your build that were a little (or a lot) different than what you found in the guide, or anything that would be helpful to others with a similar build be sure to talk about that. More detail is always better.

Add extra info... Maybe add something you would like to point out about your setup, what you'll be doing with your Hackintosh, or something that might be insightful to others beginning their journey. A tree view of your EFI would also be helpful, but it isn't required.

Remember, don't share your EFI as what works for you may not work for anyone else, even if they have the same hardware. If you do share your EFI, your post and/or comment will be removed.


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  2. OpenCore 0.7.4 macOS Big Sur 11.4 Gigabyte z490 Vision G intel i5 10400 6 GB Sapphire RX 5600 XT & UHD 630 ALC1220 2.5GbE LAN chip (2.5 Gbit) 120 GB SATA SSD & 16 GB DDR4