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iATKOS ML Mountain Lion 10.8 [TORRENT]
download ml

- Burn the dmg image to a blank 4.7GB DVD (±R ,±RW) using Disk Utility or another burning application on OS X and then you are ready to boot...

iATKOS ML2 Mountain Lion 10.8.2 [TORRENT]
download ml

<<<  GO TO DOWNLOAD  >>> Instructions for the dmg image file: OS X: DVD/Blu-Ray: Burn the dmg image to a blank Dual Laye...

how to install DMG file in VMware Workstation 8 #iATKOS #ML2
download iatkos

hi i download OS x 10.8.4 but format is DMG. how i can install this mac on VMware Workstation 8? sorry for bad english. thanks. <<<...

iAtkos ML3U 10.8.3 [TORRENT]
iatkos mountainlion

<<< iATKOS ML3U 10.8.3 - UEFI >>>

About iAtkos ML 10.8.2 Beta3 [News]
iatkos mountainlion

The Turkish Team announced it is working on iAtkos ML 10.8.2 Beta3, also asked to all their followers to send screenshots of desktop/laptop ...

Xcode for Lion/Mountain Lion 4.4.1 Mac OSX

Xcode provides everything developers need to create great applications for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Xcode 4 has been streamlined to help you w...