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Big sur upgrade failed !!! Please help.

Was on OC 0.6.1. everything was running fine. Tried upgrading big sur without updating OC. Now stuck on this screen on boot up. Please help.Big sur upgrade failed

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Trying to copy EFI into a partition, without any success

Trying to copy EFI into a partition, without any success

Hello guys,

I'm following this guide How to install macOS Big Sur , but I get stuck when I have to copy the EFI folder into the partition, because I'm not allowed to copy it.

NOTE: I'm not used an external USB, but an external mini HDD (shouldn't be the same thing?)

Any idea why I'm not able to copy the EFI?

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Random shutdowns


My BIOS is latest version and there is no any heat issue.

Sometimes my hackintosh shutdowns ever day few times and when it happen i cannot turn on again. (Or i have to power cable down and up)

After 2-3 minutes it starts automatically and this problem causes the bios cmos reset.

Any idea?

GIGABYTE Z390I AORUS PRO WIFI ° 16 GB DDR4 3000Mhz ° Intel i5-9600K ° Broadcom PCI-EX BCM94360CD BT Adapter ° WD 500 GB Blue M2VM SSD ° Intel HD 630 IGPU ° Dell Ultrasharp 27Q20E

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Battery Problem

Battery Problem

I Just bought a new battery for my laptop and it came a few days ago
the battery percent is correct and its working fine but its saying my battery's capacity is reduced.

How can i fix that?

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Can’t use Mouse and Keyboard on Big Sur installer

I used OpenCores method to build everything and it seems to be ok but when I boot to the installer neither the keyboard or the mouse work.

Does anybody know of any solution?

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USB3 not working, even with port map, on otherwise perfect Big Sur Clean install on OC

I performed a clean install (and post install time machine backup) of Big Sur 11.5.2 with OpenCore on a machine I had previously running with Mojave and Clover. Everything seems to work perfectly apart from the USB3 ports which seem to not be working/detected with any USB device, but do show up in hackintool and system report. The devices and ports work under Windows and my old Mojave install.

I used a (now slightly modified) EFI specifically designed for my board by a maintainer...

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Bypass NVidea GPU, but using its HDMI output, how to do it?

I'm trying to install Mac OS Big Sur on my pc (i7 7700k, z270 chipset, UHD 630 and gtx 970), but I'm facing a problem. I don't want to use MB HDMI output, because I need windows dual boot and needing to change the output from MB to GTX and vice-versa every single time isn't worth on my workflow (I also have a real Mac, so, I do not really need the hackintosh). There is a way to use my iGPU to process graphics but maintaining the dGPU as the output on this hackintosh?

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Make my own hackintosh

Hi guys, I want to ask if you can help me with some materials how can I make my own hackintosh on an external hard drive from Windows. And tripple boot it with Windows. Linux and MacOS.

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