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Kext Utility v2.5.1 [iAtkos Compatible]
kexts v7

COMPATIBLE WITH: iAtkos v7 to iAtkos ML  © cVad 2008-2012 Improved version utility from cvad & russian MAC community. Enjoy... Descri...

DSDT for DELL Studio XPS [iATKOS v7, S3 and L1-L2 ]
dsdt fix

Fix video, wifi, LPC, SD-card reader.   LINK

Hackintosh on a Dell Studio XPS [Retail install GUIDE]
guide v7

I've tried using EmpireEFI as well as installing OS X from a USB CD drive, but was screwed over by the infamous "still waiting for ...

iATKOS v7 Leopard 10.5.7 [ DOWNLOAD ]
download v7

>>>>   GO TO DOWNLOAD   <<<< md5 > 126455775040c328df88f399ad52b6bb md5 iATKOS_v7.iso > 6395be52...