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Intel HD 4000 - IOConsoleUsers error

Hi all! I am trying to install Catalina on PC, but I am stuck on the IOConsoleUsers error. As far as I understand, Catalina has native support for Intel HD 4000 Graphics. Please help, I do not know what to tune else to get it working.

Author: Hackintosh2022

Big Sur 11.1 Update Not Showing Up in System Preferences Software

Is it weird for some people to not receive the macOS 11.1 update (Want to update from 11.0.1 (20B28))

Screenshot 2020-12-25 at 08.39.48.png

Author: Office18

Mojave GA-Z370N WIFI to Catalina Upgrade failing miserably, no graphics acceleration.

Hi, I have a Gigabyte Z370N WIFI motherboard, i7 8700 CPU, 32GB of ram, Samsung EVO SSD. Using UHD 630 internal GPU. Bios Version F10. Clover version 5099. I have had no issue with this setup. It has been a rock solid performer for years. I us it for CAD/CAM ie. Fusion 360, Eagle and 3D printing/slicing etc. I run 3 simultaneous monitors. Couldn't be happier. Now comes the tricky part. Some of my paid for software is not contacting an activation server because of the expired certificates in...

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Author: WESTEK

32bit Mediatek usb wifi driver not working on Catalina.

With time, Mojave has became very old with increasing compatability issues that's why I updated to Catalina where I got all iservices working but the wifi driver of my tenda W311mi has stopped working on Catalina as Catalina has discontinued support for 32 bit apps. I tried installing wireless raillink utility by chris111 but it is very bad. It connects to my phone for few minutes and automatically disconnects.
I tried restarting but the problem is consistent.

I really appreciate any help...

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Author: bittu101200

[Success] Intel Nuc NUC9I7QNX Big Sur 11.2.3

I have managed to install Bug Sur 11.2.3 on my NUC NUC9I7QNX (Nuc9 Series) using OpenCore 0.6.7.

Working hardware:
  • GPU acceleration
  • Ethernet
  • USB A ports
  • SD card slot
  • NVMe SSD
  • Wifi (built in oem)
  • Bluetooth (built in oem)
  • USB C ports
  • Airpods Pro (battery level/noise reduction mode switch)
Not working hardware:
  • Audio (Headphone)
Working software:
  • Installer, App Store, App updates
  • APFS...

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Author: pikanator

High Sierra to Mojave Upgrade Problems

Backstory: I had a perfectly functional Sierra system set up back in 2018 and just recently, I wanted to update it to Catalina but decided to go slow. So naturally.. I followed the steps mentioned in Sierra to High Sierra successfully. It gave me a lot of hope that it's not actually all that difficult.. Until I hit the first road block: For some odd reason, Clover didn't pick up the "Boot macOS Install" drive mentioned in step 5 of the "Update Directly to macOS Mojave" link. So I...

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Author: 999wj

Help! Why is it not working? MSI H510-A Pro, i5 10400f, GTX 1080

I want to install Catalina on my PC.

- MSI H510-A Pro
- i5 10400f
- GTX 1080 (DisplayPort)

I successfully installed clover on my usb stick. But when I try to install it I'm stuck at the Apple Logo.
I will post the -v screenshot as soon as possible.
4 years ago I did a Hackintosh installation without any problem (within 30 min), but now nothing is going well :(

Author: Hack12

Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 Ultimate 1GB not fully working with Catalina 10.15.7

I'm trying Catalina 10.15.7 using latest Lilu 1.5.1 + WhateverGreen 1.4.8 with radpg=15.
My GPU is Sapphire 7750 Ultimate 1GB (fanless) and I'm getting the following behaviour: HDMI works, DVI doesn't work (black screen / signal out of range), untested DP.

Boot flag -raddvi doesn't help to get DVI working neither, but according to WEG logging it's supposedly correcting the DVI digital transmitter for good.

With HDMI + DVI both connected, HDMI still works but some graphical glitches appears...

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Author: watercoke

Big Sur 11.6.3 update doesn't appear...

Hi there!

I'm on 11.6.1 and since then no updates pop up. Tried enabling auto updates in System Preferences to no avail. Also tried command line but the update doesn't appear.

Strangely enough Safari 15.3 update appeared and installed correctly yesterday, but no way to update to 11.6.3.

OpenCore 0.7.6 over my Coffee Lake build. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Author: ultrazone

Unable to install or update to Mojave on Optiplex 990 running High Sierra

successfully installed High Sierra on OptiPlex 990 in Legacy mode. I have trouble figuring out UEFI mode, and adding a BOOT source properly, so Legacy mode seems to working just fine.

Compiled Hackintosh version of Mojave as directed by guide for new drive, and also tried installing from Native Mac OS installer over the High Sierra install, but error message received. "Unable to install - corrupt installer. I've tried downloading the Mac Os Mojave installer on several different...

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Author: rcohen04

help!!!!!! ocb bootload image failed [not found]

hi everyone, sorry for my bad english.
I've been trying to install mac os catalina, but it always gives me this error "ocb boot loadimage failed [not found]" how can fix it?

pc specs:
cpu: i9 7900x
gpu: rx 460 (2gb)
mobo: gigabyte x299 gaming 7 pro
ram: 4x8 gb trident z
ssd: samsung 970 evo plus 256gb
hdd: barracuda 1tb

Thanks in advance

Author: goat

OpenCore see's windows drive but not Installer

Hi guys, I'm trying to install Catalina on my AMD FX System but OpenCore only see's my Windows drive and Not my USB Catalina installer. Any ideas? I've uploaded my OpenCore EFI. Thanks in advance Guys..!!

AMD FX 8350
GTX 650

Author: DAFFY

Big Sur installation problem

whats wrong with instalation bigsur
Intel core i3 gen3
Opencore 0.7.7
Please help

View attachment 540380

Author: Limbo1985

Bigsure instalation problem

whats wrong with instalation bigsur
Intel core i3 gen3
Opencore 0.7.7
Please help

View attachment 540380

Author: Limbo1985

Reboot on 13 minutes remaining

I've successflly started installation, but computer reboots on "13 minutes remaining"
My configuration:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600
MTB: Asrock B450M Pro4(4.20 bios version)
RAM: Kingston KF3600C16D4/8GX x2
GPU: Nvidia GTX 660
OC version: 0.7.6
Also there are my EFI and last OC logs
Thank you for help!

Author: Nelta

Hackentoshing HP Proone 600 G2 All-in-one PC

I'm trying to hackentosh this AIO but failed many times.
I can see the apple logo but after that, the screen turns complete black.
Maybe the display doesn't working after the logo because the backlit seems to be turned off.
To solve this, I tried many EFI files which is close to my pc.
But it won't help.
Please let me know how to deal with this.

HP Proone 600 G2
CPU:i5 6500

Author: ymaryo

Cloning Big Sur possible?

So, I managed to install Big Sur onto a 250 GB SATA 2.5" SSD just to see if I could do it. I'm surprised at how easy it was. But now, I want to install onto a 2 TB SSD m.2 PCIe card and I've discovered that Carbon Copy Cloner doesn't work. Is there a solution for cloning? I'd rather just clone the test install drive to the larger m.2 if I can.

Author: Connie Mac

Increase WD SN750 NVMe read/write performance?

Was wondering if anyone had experience with NVMes/SSDs under Catalina. I'd been getting around 3000MB/s read & write on the Aja System Test with a 1TB WD SN850 fitted in my new Gigabyte B550 Vision D board, but not the 7000-5300MB/s read-write rates that the drive had been touted to achieve. Was wondering what settings for improving performance (if any) that I could do.

Screenshot 2021-01-12 at 5.15.21 PM.png

Author: Middleman

Problems with Audio

Hi, everyone ,
i need your help..
Have the system, see profile, set up with OpenCore 0.77. It runs ok in my opinion.. Except...I can't get the sound to work..The latest Apple kext is inserted.. Now I don't know where else to look. Maybe you can give me a tip, or someone will take a look at my EFI. greeting

And sorry for my bad English

Author: jomadi

MSI H410M PRO - End RandomSeed Issue

Hello, I want to install Mojave 10.14.6 (I prefer Mojave but im using some special programs), but I get an End RandomSeed error during installation. I tried many methods but I am not getting any good results.

My system;

CPU: Intel i7 10700k
Motherboard: MSI H410M Pro
Ram: Crucial Ballistix 8GBx2 3000mhz
GPU: None
SSD: Samsung EVO 970 Plus 500GB

BIOS config;
Integrated Grapihic Adapter: IGD
XHCI Hand-off: Enabled
Legacy USB Support: Enabled
Above 4G memory: Disabled (tried on...

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Author: meyniyak

macOS Big Sur USB not working on installation


I have followed Dortania's OpenCore Install Guide step by step, when it gets to the point where the installation screen has to come out, I get the Prohibited Sing:

Kernel -> Quirks -> XhciPortLimit -> True --> It doesn't work (It also doesn't work if I put false, I have tried the two variables in all options)

UEFI -> Quirks -> ReleaseUsbOwnership -> True --> It doesn't work

Enabling XHCI Handoff in the BIOS --> It doesn't work

2.0 port --> It doesn't work
3.0 port --> It doesn't...

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Author: zeta23

trouble installing Mojave

Hello. I have been trying to install mojave onto my machine. It appeared that it installed without issue other than pink horizontal lines across the screen while installing on the apple logo screen.
When I try to follow the next step of booting from usb and then choosing the new mojave install, nothing happens. totally frozen on Apple logo screen. So I never get to the step of running multibeast.
Can anyone help in finding what I am doing incorrectly?
Thank you.

Author: Johnwilliam

No Updates after 11.5.2

I have installed BigSur using OpenCore. The updates were working, now it is stuck on 11.5.2. No more updates are there. Even I installed Monterey the same problem exists... it is also not showing an update of 12.1.

Kindly help to resolve it..

Author: rajanpandit2000

Restart on plus sign

i have installed macos catalina in my hp compaq pro 6300 sff.
i have updated the bios to version 2.99 and still the pc restarts after plus signs on boot.

the specs are:

i5 3470
8gb ddr3
gigabyte gt710
q75 chipset

plz help, it is very important to me

Author: ceshehan