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Dsdt? How do make it?

I have an HP 15 au003tx

Specs Intel® Core™ i5-6200U with Intel® HD Graphics 520 NVIDIA® GeForce® 940MX (no bios disable option) 8GM DDR4 RAM

I need to find suitable kexts and the dsdt. Appreciate any guidance! Thanks!!

submitted by /u/Warrior_preet
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Dell XPS 15 9560 Mojave 10.14.5

Dell XPS 15 9560 Mojave 10.14.5 submitted by /u/veedyf
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First hackintosh stuck apple logo

First hackintosh stuck apple logo

Hi guys i'm trying to install mojave on asus k501u but i'm stuck at apple logo (no loading bar)

thank you

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Need help tweaking hardware for best results

I have decided to attempt to turn my couple year old windows 10 build into a dual boot windows/Mac Hackintosh and was hoping for some help identifying what hardware changes I can make so the configuration and install easier.

Here’s what I have currently:

Intel I-7 6700K Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 7 Samsung 850evo m.2 (500gb) (2 of them) - 1 is windows 10, the other is empty Nvidia GTX1080 (Asus ROG Strix) 32gb RAM Fenvi 802.11ac Wi-Fi card

As I understand it, going forward Apple will only support AMD graphics cards. So I think I will replace the 1080 with something else (recommendations??)

What else should I consider to make this easier?

I tried the whole Hackintosh thing when I first build this PC but got frustrated and walked away. I follow all the guides closely but never seem to get it right.. so this time I’m trying to improve my chances.

submitted by /u/Tru3_B1u3
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Dell Inspiron 7579 Mojave - No sound..

I cant seem to find the codec for the Realtek sound card in this laptop. Dells website just says "Realtek high definition audio driver" I booted into windows, and couldnt find the model in there either? So Im kind of confused.

So far Ive tried injecting through Clover, and using AppleALC and Lilu.
Ive had no luck.

Ive got sound to work on other machines, thought this would be no different. But I guess not. Any one have any suggestions? Ive been forum hunting for hours and havent had any luck. It doesnt seem that anyone has hackintoshed and posted about this laptop before..

Thanks in advance.

submitted by /u/atinker94
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X299 Hackintosh Mojave Post-Install Issues - Perfect First Boot, Lag City After Reboot

After switching my video card from a 980ti to an rx vega 56 and doing a fresh install to Mojave, I've been having a very peculiar issue with my hack.

Essential specs:

Motherboard: MSI X299 Sli Plus

CPU: i7 7820x

GPU: Stock AMD Vega 56

Boot drive: Samsung 960 Pro 512gb

On my first boot from the USB, I had a perfect system. No lag, everything worked flawlessly, setup was exactly like an iMac Pro fresh from apple. The problems started when I rebooted. On my first go, I installed multibeast and modified config.plist, drivers, and kexts to match my good usb installer. This did not work and I was never able to reliably get into the OS again.

I then redid the install from scratch. This time, I played it safe. First, I just rebooted and used the USB only, did no post install. Weirdly now the system began to lag on second boot. Ignoring this, I replaced the stock EFI on the 960 Pro with the good one from the USB. The system now boots without the USB, albeit slowly with occasional runtime area issues, but in the OS lag is extreme. Typing has a multi second delay, but the cursor is a smooth 60fps.

I'm sort of stumped at this point, because to me it looks like the EFI is good, giving me perfect performance on the first boot, but I seem to be screwing something up after that.

Here's a link to the EFI partition as it is on the USB

Thanks for reading, any input is appreciated!

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No Ethernet after multiple attempts and different things. Hopefully someone can help.

So I have an hp 110-023w tower with a Pentium g2020T, 8gb of single channel memory, and no graphics card. I recently installed mojave through legacy clover but no matter what the heck I do. No Ethernet. I've tried multiple kexts installs and no luck. Anyone have a single clue?

submitted by /u/loganandreoni
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Will a Brix Gigabyte Brix i5H-8250 hackintosh be a big upgrade from my current MacMini (late 2012)?

Current MacMini specs: Late 2012, 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3, Intel HD Graphics 4000

Was thinking of jumping on the Fry's deal

"Gigabyte Brix i5H-8250 Barebone PC with 240GB SSD" for $279 AR.

Would this be a major upgrade in speed/efficiency or just a minor improvement?

Mostly using this for video editing, file management, backup for our photos/videos, etc. No gaming.


submitted by /u/volcs0
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I followed a vanilla guide with a Kaby Lake config and now I’m getting ACPI errors. What’s going on?

I followed a vanilla guide with a Kaby Lake config and now I’m getting ACPI errors. What’s going on? submitted by /u/AdrianBrody51
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My first hackintosh up and running

Got my first hackintosh up and running everything seems to work. Dell Optiplex 3020 with i5 4590 running Mojave but my vRam for hd4600 graphics is only 7MB. Is this because I am using a VGA cable for right now?

submitted by /u/GTAGriff900
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Does long time sleep of hackintosh laptop do damage to its hardware ?

Does long time sleep of hackintosh laptop do damage to its hardware ?

Laptop specs:

thinkpad x1 yoga 3rd



I disable all the hibernation related option in this guide , and the picture below is my setting.

I'm curious about whether long time sleep(perhaps more than 8 hours) will do damage to its hardware.


submitted by /u/jamesxxx1997
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I5 9400f Hackintoshable?

Hello, have a nice day for u all Iam planinlg on building an Intel hackintosh With I5 9400f and gigabyte auros b360 wifi With asus dual radeon rx 580 oc To run Mojave I know that mb will need to update bios and I have no prob with this But this cpu have no gpu chip And I work only with adobe apps So I don't need gpu chip Is that will be good for me Am I going to any problem Is the cpu will be supported?

submitted by /u/Abosenna24
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if i installed Mojave on a laptop that has no support online what features would probably not work?

i want to try to install Mojave on my 5 year old laptop, what would probably not work?

it has an 3rd gen i5 and a gtx 630.

i know that i would have to change the wifi and bluetooth modules for some macOS features to work... what else? usb, headphone jack, keyboard, webcam, trackpad, ethernet...etc

this is just a trial run because im planning on upgrading my laptop and want to know how feasible it is to install macOS on a laptop that has no support online.

submitted by /u/Awoooooooooooga
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Virt Manager not properly working

Hello people in Hackintosh community, this is the first time I ask a question in Hackintosh Reddit so plz tell me if I violated the rule

but anyways, when I'm doing

`virsh define hackintosh.xml`

it gives off a warning:

PS. I'm using Manjaro with a nonfree driver, updated all library to newest with the package manager

submitted by /u/Shuaiouke
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Laptop recommendation? Actual MacBook Pro replacement?

Hey guys, I've been thinking of building a hackintosh laptop and does anyone have any suggestions/thoughts on having it on something similar to a 15inch MacBook Pro replacement in physical form? (screen + thinness)?

submitted by /u/thnok
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Randomly can't wake from system lock (CTRL+SHIFT+EJCT)

I formed a habit of locking my terminal many years ago. Every time I go to leave my house or go to bed, I hit CTRL+SHIFT+EJECT to lock my Hackintosh. Until I upgraded to 14.3 (anything higher bricks my hackintosh, separate issue) everything was fine, but now that I have, when I hit a few keyboard buttons to wake up the display (the machine is set to stay "on", disks and all, the display is all that goes off), signal is sent to my display but the screen is just black. Nothing rendered. No mouse cursor, no response from the operating system. I can't get it to "sleep" again and try to re-wake it either.

Boot args include darkwake=8 dart=0 nv_disable=1 but I tested those and it won't boot without them.

Hardware: + Vega 56 + MSI Gaming M7 + Intel Core i7-6700

Any ideas how I might fix this? Thanks all.

submitted by /u/prophet-of-dissent
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Install OS X El

Hello all.

So I'm just about to give up. I've tried everything to get my hands on the El Capitan Installer. The App Store does not allow El Capitan downloads, nor does the recovery image allow me to reinstall El Capitan.

Would anyone have a spare Install OS X El Capitan in which could be shared through Google Drive? I understand this may be a bit inconvenient, but it would really just be a lifesaver if you have the extra time for it.

Thank you in advance. If anything is necessary in return please let me know :)

submitted by /u/Msk_SHN0
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Are these specs compatible with hackintosh?

Hey guys im new to this, can anyone tell me are these specs compatible with hackintosh? Thanks

CPU- i5 3470s

GPU- Sapphire Nitro+ RX 570 OC

RAM - 16gb RAM

submitted by /u/OgiDW
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Would it be possible to use a Quadro K4000?

I have a K4000 that I pulled off a workstation

I'm hoping it'll work with my build im making for the wife.


submitted by /u/iammrh4ppy
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First time Hackintosh build, please help!

I get the initial apple loading bar to fill up about half way and then I get a white "prohibited" symbol. Please help if you can!

Motherboard Model:

NZXT N7 Z370




AMD Radeon RX 580














submitted by /u/ViovaGaming
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Updated to Catalina Beta, Kernel Panic

Updated clover, updated lilu and whatevergreen (only updated them in clover/kexts/other, forgot to update l/e)

Panic message says something along the lines of : failed to flush stackshot data.

Clover folders here:

Can anyone help me get my laptop unhobbled? I really don't want to reformat.

submitted by /u/th3suffering
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HD4400 Help, text is blurry, incorrect resolution

Hi everybody, I'm trying to fix my iGPU for my hack. It's has the i3-4130 as it is the Lenovo m73 tiny. So my problem is that I followed the vanilla install guide and under "Devices" in Clover Configurator, I used device-id/12040000 to fake my GPU. It kind of works in the sense that I get full acceleration but what I don't get is clarity. VRAM says it is 1536mb. The text looks blurry on my monitor, the resolution doesn't detect 4k, and it detects my monitor as 30.5 inches even though it is only 27 inches. So I tried using the other option which was AAPL,ig-platform-id/0300220D. In this mode, the text is a lot clearer, 4k is detected, but no acceleration. Also, for some reason it detects my display as 61 inches. VRAM in this option is 44mb. Neither of these options are very good. Would appreciate any help in trouble shooting this problem. Thanks in advance!

submitted by /u/WongJeremy
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Who else uses iStat Menus on their Hackintosh?

I love this tool. I install it on every real mac and hackintosh.

Mainly for the logging and easy customizing monitoring. I really like the battery monitoring since Apple removed the Time left and time till charged. This adds it back. It also adds RAM, CPU, Network, and Storage. Status and monitoring

submitted by /u/MaddMaxx636
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Osx won't boot with internal graphics enabled in BIOS

Hi there, I was hoping you fine people could help me.

I'm using a hackintosh build with a aorus z390 pro wifi, 32gb 2400mhz ram, msi rx 580 armor, and an i7 8700k.

Since updating clover I have not been able to able to boot into OSX with my internal graphics enabled in the BIOS. I am able to disable it and log in while connected to my rx580, but whenever I try to enable it I get a "couldnt allocate runtime area" error and can't login.

I don't know what has happened, I've been using my hackintosh with the igpu enabled for months.

I really need the igpu to work for hardware acceleration so if anyone has any suggestions it would help a lot.

submitted by /u/Beanoooooo
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OpenID Foundation Raises Concerns About 'Sign In With Apple'

The OpenID Foundation has posted an open letter to Apple raising concerns about its upcoming 'Sign In With Apple' feature.

Announced earlier this month, Sign In With Apple will let users sign in to apps and websites using their Apple ID when iOS 13 and macOS Catalina launch.

Sign In with Apple was built from the ground up to give users peace of mind about their privacy. Data collection is limited to the user’s name and email address, and Apple’s private email relay lets users receive email even if they prefer to keep their address private. Apple will not track users as they interact with your app.

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Help with the ultimate Hackintosh - Thinkpad W701ds

System specs:



Nvidia FX 2800M

I simply cannot get this thing to the desktop. With nv_disable=1 I can get to the Installer and Recovery environment fine, but it does not get me to the desktop. All graphics flags have been tried. Using SMBIOS MacbookPro10,1. What now?

submitted by /u/The_Forgotten_King
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Natively supported PCE-AC68 not working on High Sierra

I recently got high sierra successfully installed, along with every driver I need, besides wifi. I have a Asus PCE-AC68, which everywhere I checked is supposed to natively work out of box with High Sierra.

The issue with it is when i go to network preferences, I cannot turn wifi on, and it says "Status: Off". I don't think it's properly detecting it or something. I can 100% confirm it works, it works great in windows 7 & 10.

In DPCIManager it shows up as "BCM4360 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter", and seems to be using the "AirPortBrcmNIC" kext which is apart of IO80211Family.kext

I've tried installing every variety of broadcom kext that may fit that google searching has suggested, along with a variety of various patches and config things

I even reinstalled removing most added internet related kexts

I've also tried the card in different slots

I'm just stumped on why a confirmed working "out of box natively supported" card isn't working, without any good reason. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated

Edit: forgot some basic specs, I'm running an i7 9700k with an MSI Z390-A PRO and a GTX 1070, running as an iMac 18.1

submitted by /u/HSOOMinducer
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Installing mac osx on virtual box.

Hello, I've come here for help because I tried to follow a tutorial with a given iso, but when I boot the virtual mac os mavericks. It would stay in the shell, saying cannot load drivers etc..

So Is there any good iso. I know i've tried to look the sidebar but i'm not sure which one should I take.

submitted by /u/Jinjjaoh
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Successful Catalina 10.15 Hackintosh on Dell Optiplex 9020

Successful Catalina 10.15 Hackintosh on Dell Optiplex 9020 submitted by /u/skyunderearth
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Considering building an audio recording machine ..

Hey folks,

I am considering building a machine for general use and running Logic Pro X and plugins etc. Currently I have a MBP 15" its from 2013 but it has an i7 and 16gb ram 512 ssd.

I'm wondering how much I would need to spend to create a desktop PC hackintosh that significantly outperforms this MBP and does so in a silent fashion. Fan noises drive me bonkers as I record primary acoustic music so noise floor is key.

As far as video card goes, I doubt I'd need anything special. Powering 2x4k monitors would be great. I don't play video games etc.

Oh ya it *must* have thunderbolt to work with my Universal Audio Apollo 8 recording interface.

Any ideas on mobos, cases, cooling, procs etc would be appreciated as food for thought !

Thank you -Kevin

submitted by /u/locusofself
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XPS 15 9560 wake from sleep high power usage

I post this over here: here, but I thought I would ask here as well.

I know tonymacx86 isn't very well liked here, but I followed the above guide and got a vanilla setup going. Everything seems to work very well, except I'm noticing high power usage when the laptop wakes from sleep. If I perform a reboot, the power usage goes back down. I'm seeing about 10-11 watts usage on a reboot and about 20-22 watts usage upon waking from sleep.

I was wondering if anybody else is seeing this.

submitted by /u/jmayniac
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ThinkPad e480 help needed

Hi all

Looking to hackintosh my ThinkPad and get stuck at the black Apple logo.

The bar loads full but never get any further

Used the efi from this guide

I5 8250u 8GB ram 256 pcie SSD and 240gb sata for Mac OS X

submitted by /u/jamiehicks154
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Need suggestions for new build

In the coming months I would like to build a new Hackintosh.

I have one now, but it's getting long in the tooth.

  • I want to have a mother board that will accommodate two M2 cards so I can dual boot (OSX/Windows)
  • A board that can accommodate my VEGA 64 card
  • One that has Thunderbolt 3
  • I have a Fenvi T919 in my current rig that works great w/ OSX that I'd like to drop in the new rig. (So I'll need a slot for that!)

The smaller the footprint the better :)

Sooo...with that in mind, can anyone recommend a board that will meet/exceed these requirements?

Thanks in advance.

submitted by /u/SpottedClam
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Internet Install Media Installer Help

I am using the Internet Install Method because I don't have a Mac. You can find details about my Lenovo Thinkpad x220 here:

I am using a 16GB Sandisk Cruzer USB 2.0 and getting this error:

DiskPart exited with non-zero status (1). Aborting. 

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

submitted by /u/ebaad1009
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Clover Bootloader not finding macos without USB stick being plugged in

I'm struggling a bit guys and wandered if anyone can help. I've got my Hackintosh all working (whilst the USB stick is plugged in) and it allows me to either boot to High Sierra or Windows 10. The problem I have is, that If I unplug my USB stick, it only sees Windows 10.

This is what I've done.......

I copied my Clover folder from the EFI folder on my USB stick to the EFI folder on my HDD.........Now this is where I think the problem is. I then tried to install Clover to my HDD but it will only allow me to install it to my USB stick....When I try to change the installation path it shows my USB stick and HDD but on my HDD it has a yellow triangle on it and says I can't install it to that location.

Some people tell me you nee to do that other's tell me you don't.

How can I install Clover to my HDD so I can boot to it without having to have the USB always plugged in?

Thanks in advance

submitted by /u/aide199
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Has anyone hackintoshed an acer aspire E5-576-392H?

I’m looking into buying this laptop and installing macOS on it but I’m not sure it will work I think it will but I’m not 100% certain. Has anyone hackintoshed this laptop? If so please leave your experience and files if needed down below thank you. Here’s the laptop

submitted by /u/jacksondnm02
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macOS Mojave not working on VMware (AMD cpu, used guide on AMD-OSX knowledge base)

Hey, I want to do a Vanilla install on my Ryzen PC and I want to do it the way using machine already running MacOS (createinstallmedia I think) but I can’t make my Mojave VM to work. Using most of the tutorials VM got stuck on APPLE logo when booting even before installing/trying to install. When I used the guide on AMD-OSX knowledge base it booted to the installer but when It came to installing OS it said something like error, download corrupted, try again and redownload installer. Can anyone help me?

submitted by /u/pc-guy-2019
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Internal display disabled (black screen) when hdmi is connected before boot

As per title. I have a Lenovo V130-15IKB. The internal display remains black (though it’s still recognized in display list) when hdmi in inserted before booting up macOS.

It has only igpu HD 620 (i3 7020U)

submitted by /u/cipi1965
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Kext won't load on Mojave.

Kext won't load on Mojave.


I'm trying to load an kext for my LSI Raid Card (specifically this one and it not appearing to load on Mojave, any ideas?

System Information for the Extension

submitted by /u/ToxicTransit
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