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Resolving Kernel Panic in macOS Sonoma on Dell Latitude 5400 Hackintosh
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The kernel panic logs you've provided point to a double free error within a zone allocator—a part of the macOS kernel responsible for me...

Kernel Panic attack while booting with OpenCore guide
hackintosh kernelpanic

I was booting from my USB and i got a Panic attack. The guide i was using is the open core guide.

Kernel Panic while dual booting macOS Catalina on windows 10 laptop machine using OpenCore
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​ Kernel Panic while booting CPU : Intel Core i5 7300HQ GPU : Intel HD Graphics 630 , NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 RAM : 16 GB DDR4 A...

Help with kernel panics.
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Hi all I am trying to install Catalina with OC 065 and I am having Kernel panics errors. The PC when the apple logo with the load bar appe...

any idea of why am getting stuck here?
hackintosh kernelpanic

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Kernel panic post install just before first boot to MacOS
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I've been able to install MacOS 10.15.7. On the third reboot when MacOS is chosen and not the usb installer I get stuck on this ker...

Stuck on "ioconsoleusers gioscreenlockstate" Catalina | Z390 | 9900k | 5500 xt
bios boot

Hey peeps, I'm totally stuck and slowly losing my mind. I had a working system for 2 months and for a week I've been getting stuck ...

First time Hackintosher. Spent 2 weeks. I'm very proud now.
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I got some free time and decided to repurpose my old desktop as a Hackintosh. So far so good. Here are my specs: First gen. i5 750 Nehale...

Big Sur Instal - i7 10700k - Z490 Vision D - Rx 580 (Opencore)
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Recently got Big Sur installed and working for the most part on my new build! Dual boot from open core is working as well. Some issues ...

Trying to install Mac High Sierra on my High End Desktop (SkyLake - X). Got Kernel panic:
hackintosh kernelpanic

Specs: - i7-9820X (SkyLake-X) - Mainboard: X299 GIGA UD4 - GTX 1080Ti - SSD: SS PM981 (with Nvmefix.kext) Follow Dortania guide (intel HED...

T460P OpenCore
hackintosh kernelpanic

Hello! Has anyone managed to install macOS Catalina/Big Sur with OpenCore on Lenovo ThinkPad T460P? If so, can you share your EFI folder, p...

Catalina + ASUS Geforce GT 520
hackintosh kernelpanic

I am wanna to install hackintosh, but after installation and installing nvidia drivers(Nvidia Web Driver) i am have Black Screen Kernel ...

Kernel panic help needed
hackintosh kernelpanic

Hello, so I was trying to install Big Sur on my pc and When booted it keeps giving me this panic (generally around this point) : https://dr...

Getting Kernal panics all over the place, when trying to install 10.13.6
hackintosh kernelpanic

Hi i am trying to install High Sierra on my PC. I followed Dortania's guide but i keep getting kernel panics. Here's my config: [P...

Success! Installed Big Sur 11.2 after brief experiment with Catalina
hackintosh kernelpanic Some ...

4690k / igpu 4600 HD crashes when i plug in HDMI
hackintosh kernelpanic

Specs: 4690k i5 / Gigabyte GA-z97x-SLI No dgpu, only Igpu intel 4600 HD. So I can only seem to get DVI working on my setup. Whenever I pl...

Grey screen after upgrading to Big sur
hackintosh kernelpanic

Hi, I was on Catalina and I upgraded to Big sur 11.2 using the Install Big directly from Catalina: The installation went smoothly...