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OpenCore Catalina boot panic

Bought the hardware for a Catalina build almost 2 years ago and never got around to doing it. My current machine is still running El Capitan so it's definitely time for the upgrade. Needless to say, it's been a while since I have played around with installs.

Big thanks to nottooshabby, flavioalves, nathanh0, and G5Heaven for their posts on Gigabyte Z390 builds. Have gone through the whole Dortania guide and played around with various entries but can't seem to get things to the install...

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Author: machsurfer

port mapping windows

I am building a hackintosh an have got 24 usb ports
I need 15 how do I port map
any instructions would be helpful.

Author: HONDA1234

RE: Need help to install Catalina for my Z170 and Radeon RX580.

Dear All Hackintosh Professional Users.
I wish to upgrade to macOS Catalina latest version.
Motherboard : Z170XP-SLi
CPU: Intel i5, Skylake
GPU: Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX580

Anyone has this motherboard and graphic card that succeeded install macOS Catalina?
Can please share the way of installation and how to make the Sapphire Pulse RX580 work perfect for Catalina?
Or might share the EFI ?

Many thanks if anyone sharing.

Author: kenwsf


Hi , I am trying to make an hackintosh and I came to this Problem in the title.
My specs
i5 4460s
Intel HD Graphics 4600
8 gb ram
Motherboard:LENOVO 3098 ;propietary
the video,imgIMG_E0101.JPG of log and text

Author: raou17

I225-V Big Sur Recovery Ethernet

Hello! recently i was trying to install Big Sur on my PC (7 5700X, Strix B550-F Gaming, 1060 6GB - I dont need metal ill use OCLP)

I was trying pretty much everything that I could find on the web, but nothing helped. When I use dk.e1000=0 the error about no internet connection disappears, but when I try to click Install, it just keeps loading forever in the main menu of recovery, and in Safari, websites just load forever. Pinging Google or any other site in the terminal gives a ping: cannot...

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Author: estyy

Mojave laptop suddenly stopped loading

Hi all,
I've had working Lenovo x240 install for year but suddenly It stopped loading. Clover works and starts the apple logo but in a few seconds I'm just getting a reboot.

I've tried to reboot in recovery and ebuild kext cache with kexecache -i / but I got an error(screenshot attached):

Any suggestions please ?2023-02-20 00.37.36.jpg

Author: vnezapno

Hackintosh doesn't boot

I set up a MacOS Big Sur pendrive following the instructions, i can boot into the OpenCore, but when i select the "external, dmg" option, it starts but never finishes... It gives me the following error:
I tried searching it up but i didn't get any useful info. I'm new here. Can you tell me why its not working? Thanks!

Author: Alms


Apologies if this subject has already been addressed. My Goolge-fu has not been able to turn up any substantial results. I recently built a new machine that wasn't initially intended as a Hackintosh (specs below). It was an upgrade to a OBS capture PC running Windows (which works fine naturally). When I realized how much extra "oomph" I could potentially get out of this machine as compare to my Late 2014 Mac Mini (I5-4278U 8GB RAM, with hack to run eGPU on Thunderbolt 2), I though well...

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Author: foetoid

Need help for Big Sur

Dear All Professional.
I wish to upgrade to Big Sur using my current mobo and my RX580 GPU.
Mobo: GA Z170XP-Sli

Anyone can please guide me the creating USB for Big Sur and EFI that support.
I really not well known in OpenCore and the new CloverBootloader.
Please help.

Author: kenwsf

Boot Loop in Mojave

I just upgraded to Mojave from High Sierra. I had to weed out some old kexts to get sound to work. The system worked fine for a week until today. Now when I start the boot of OSX from Clover, the Apple progress bar proceeds half way across and the system re-boots. The only thing I did differently today was I left a USB drive inserted in one of the reports when I was booting the system. I don't think that should have changed any thing.

I can work around the boot problem by using the -x...

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Author: rcverlato

Can't boot into installer with OC configuration that used to work

So I have this ThinkCentre M93p Tiny that I did successfully install Big Sur on like 2 years ago. I then installed another OS on this machine and saved the OC folder with the working configuration just in case. I am now trying to install it again. First I tried Monterey and changed the Type to iMac16,2. Since it did not show me a black screen after the verbose output, I thought trying the old Big Sur configuration that used to work and I got the same problem. Since I upgraded the CPU from an...

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Author: jclsn

Dual-boot or Parallels?

Hi all: I'm planning to build a machine that will be running 10.13 High Sierra. I do use a couple WinDOS programs, but not very often. So I ask: should I make my machine a dual-boot with two drives (one macOS and one WinDOS 7), or just one drive with macOS and use Parallels to run the stuff that I sometimes need?

I do have a couple of concerns: I've seen that Dell machines all have a blue SATA port ("SATA 0" on each and every one) and that's always where the boot drive gets plugged in...

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Installing macOS Catalina

Built a catalina USB via latest UniBeast version. It stuck at end of loading bar wothout allowing me to access installer

Author: devforner

Big Sur on Z170X mobo with OpenCore : failure

Hi all
My Sierra install had been running flawlessly since 2017 (Gigabyte Z170X G1 Ultra Gaming, i7 6700K) but in late june, the graphic layer conked up and all I was left with was an OS with no hardware acceleration. Chrome with bands across the pages when loading, Davinci Resolve unable to even launch because no GPU found...
So I decide to upgrade but my trusty GTX1060 isn't supported anymore so I get myself a 5700XT.
I opt for OpenCore as everyone seems to say it's the better option. I...

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Author: pgp101

Stuck At Service Exited with abnormal code : 1