Rebuilt my Hackintosh into a Cooler Master NR200, and mixed up all the parts!

Rebuilt my Hackintosh into a Cooler Master NR200, and mixed up all the parts!

Quick backstory:

  • I had all the parts, except a new SFF case.
  • I was using a full size ATX board initially for my Hackintosh in an NZXT 510, and a Mini-Itx build as my primary gaming rig in a corsair 280x.
  • During quarantine, I scored a 9900k from some guy whose kid broke his alienware laptop, so he took it apart and sold me the processor for cheap. SCORE.
  • Ultimately, I had the time on my hands, and I wanted to rebuild my gaming set up with a better water-cooled loop, plus it was due time to do a cleaning.

What I did:

  • The not relevant bit:
    • Rebuilt my mini itx gaming rig using the 9900k and a GA-Z370 Aorus Gaming Wifi board, 32GB RAM, GTX 1080 ti - into a full Lian Li 011D Custom water cooled loop.
  • The Relevant bit:
    • Rebuilt my ATX hack into a Mini-itx beast using:
      • i7-9700k
      • Asus Z390i (mint itx)
      • Cooler Master Hyper Black 212
      • SF Dagger 650w SFX
      • Cooler Master NR200 White
      • Sapphire Pulse 5700 XT Nitro+
      • 16GB DDR4 Crucial Ballistix RAM
      • Broadcom BCM94360NG - plug & play wifi card (Replaced the onboard wifi card from Asus)
  • Whats Working
    • Everything... iServices, DRM, GPU Acceleration, Audio, Wifi/Bluetooth etc.
  • Havent Tried
    • Integrated graphics

How I Did it:

  • Rebuilt the EFI Folder on an existing flash drive installer I already had on 10.15.6
  • Followed the vanilla guide, along with couple other users suggestions regarding usb ports to get wi-fi / bluetooth working
    • Using USB Inject All Kext & setting XCHI Port Limit to false.

What i'm not happy about:

  • My cable management looks like ass. Had to take the build a part a couple times, because the io cover of the mobo was too beefy, and wouldn't let my GPU lock in correctly. So I finally got it running, and tapped out for the day. I'll revisit eventually.
  • Cooling may be limited... ideally i'd like to get a AIO for the CPU, and be able to install some fans on the top of the case to pull in some fresh air, and exhaust through the side.


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