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ACPI error when unplugging/plugging in laptop charger, shown while booting. Is this something to worry about?

ACPI error when unplugging/plugging in laptop charger, shown while booting. Is this something to worry about? submitted by /u/superl2
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How stable is a Ryzen 3600X hackintosh in 2020?

I'm planning to make a Ryzen hackintosh and wondering if I will have problems or not.

submitted by /u/bluespiders
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What's the most up-to-date way to get proper laptop power management?

I've got a very functional Catalina install on my Dell Inspiron 7586. (i7-8565U, UHD620 graphics)

There are some problems remaining, all related to power management: the battery life is bad; it gets very hot; and sleeping sometimes causes a restart and/or GPU glitches.

I've tried looking up how to get good power management, but there are so many different methods from different times, and I'm confused.

Is RehabMan's SSDT generation thread]( from 2015 still the way to go? What about Clover's PluginType setting?

submitted by /u/superl2
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I need help! Please🙏🏾

I’ve been trying to do this process for about two months but I put it off until last week due to this pandemic I have more time to try this. I have a Lenovo aio 22in pc and I’ve tried to Hackintosh it so many times. I know Aio’s are a waste of time for hackintosh but I want to know where am I going wrong. I don’t have a Mac or any kind so I use VM to get the download links and installers needed. I created the installer I get the clover loaded on my pc I start the boot process and the bar fills hallway and then it cuts out, screen goes black and reboots multiple times but the screen never comes on. Where am I going wrong please help I’m obviously new to this.

submitted by /u/T1Swervo
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Text is blurry, not using anti-aliasing

My text, especially small text like the text here looks very blurry on my monitor. I've tried many commands and reboots but none of them fix the issues it seems.

My display colours are weird where grey and yellow are not as visible on top of white.

I've tried the commands below and rebooted but no luck.

defaults write -g CGFontRenderingFontSmoothingDisabled -bool NO defaults -currentHost write -globalDomain AppleFontSmoothing -int 2 


Using iMac 18,3 Mac OSX Catalina 10.15.4 i5 7500 8 GB DDR4 Ram RX 570 8 GB Asrock Pro4 B250 Motherboard 

Using two external monitors. Main one is HDMI, second one is DVI. The DVI one seems a bit more clearer than the HDMI for text. Both are 1920x1080.

Hardware acceleration might not be on either however most things are smooth with a few stutters in the chess game when moving a piece, however is there any other way I can confirm this. Colours on a google search change colours when I highlight and unhighlight them, they seem to go a bit more dull/grey.

Thank you!

submitted by /u/FruityFaiz
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Intel X99 6950X with Nvidia GTX 780 Ti OpenCore 15.4 Catalina!

Intel X99 6950X with Nvidia GTX 780 Ti OpenCore 15.4 Catalina! submitted by /u/csteemo
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Current Work From Home Hackintosh Setup!

Current Work From Home Hackintosh Setup! submitted by /u/ayushere
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iMovie Gets Support for the New iPad Magic Keyboard, Other Improvements

The iMovie mobile app has been updated with support for the new iPad Magic Keyboard, additional keyboard shortcuts, and other improvements.

With a streamlined design and intuitive Multi-Touch gestures, iMovie lets you create Hollywood-style trailers and beautiful movies like never before.

What's New In This Version:
• Use iMovie on iPad with Magic Keyboard, a mouse, or a trackpad for a new way to create movies and trailers (requires iPadOS 13.4)
• Use keyboard shortcuts to toggle between the five inspector modes when a clip is selected: Action, Speed adjustments, Volume, Titles, and Filters
• Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly rotate video 90-degrees clockwise or counterclockwise
• Tap the Download All button at the top of the soundtracks list to download all bundled soundtracks at once
• Add PNG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP files to your movie
• Performance and stability improvements

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I'm trying to make an hackintosh using Olarila. It just won't boot. I'm sorry, I'm new here.

I'm trying to make an hackintosh using Olarila. It just won't boot. I'm sorry, I'm new here. submitted by /u/shubham6776
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macOS Installation could not be completed

I have a Dell Inspiron 5559 and when trying to Hackintosh, it installs, reboots, and then says this could not be completed. This is the one without an extra GPU. Thanks.

submitted by /u/LavaCreeperBOSSB
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Hackintosh on RTX?

Is possible install any version of Mac OS on a built with amd cpu and a Nvidia Rtx gpu? If yes, will I be able to have gpu drivers? I would like install Mac OS to work and try some videoediting so I think I’ll need drivers.

submitted by /u/simo5042
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Z390 Designare - Dual boot setting issues

I have two separate SSDs and I am trying to dual boot between windows 10 and OS.

2 of the settings per the OS guides state: Above 4g encoding - enabled CSM support - disabled

However, when I set these and try to boot to Windows SSD, it does not find the drive unless I disable both of these settings.

Has anyone else had this issue or found a resolution? I hadn’t seen this issue come up before for this

submitted by /u/Spenro
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unable to boot mojave’s from clover, keep getting acpi error. pictures included

i built my own boot stick, no unibeast. tried to build my own config.plst file but found i got much farther using rehabMan’s clover laptop config UHD630

i am trying to hackintosh my gigabyte aero 15x which has a coffee lake i7, integrated uhd630 graphics, a gtx 1070 and a 4k monitor.

originally i followed this guide and got all the way to installing mojave until the install got stuck at two minutes and i fucked with stuff and now i rebuilt my install usb following the vanilla guide and can’t even get as far as i did.

using -x seems to have a different output but i havnt included pictures of it yet

i included pictures of my verbose output while it was running and when it stopped and a picture of my kexts files, i’m on mobile rn but if anyone wants an actual copy of my kext or config i’ll add that too

what is causing this error and what do i do? google hasn’t provided me much unfortunately

any help is greatly appreciated

submitted by /u/nosliw_rm
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Has anyone successfully got Open Core running on an Alienware laptop?

  • I'm fairly new to actually trying to install an OpenCore Hackintosh, so I am not sure if this is a low-effort or stupid post, but has anyone managed to get an Alienware laptop working with OpenCore?
  • I'm running an Alienware 13 R3 with an Intel Core i5-6300HQ and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060( or an Intel HD Graphics 530 considering NVIDIA doesn't run on macOS).
  • Originally, I got a Memory pool allocation failure error but managed to fix that. Then I finally got it to appear like it was starting to boot up with the long verbose text, but it would never finish, and now I am getting a "halting on critical error" message. I think one of the possible issues is my BIOS settings. I disabled secure boot-up, switched AHCI, and have UEFI boot-up, but I can't find any setting for Above4GDecoding, Fast Boot, or CSM on my Aptio Setup Utility BIOS. They just don't appear anywhere in the BIOS.
  • Has anyone had any luck getting an Alienware to function? Any compatible Alienware Skylake Config.plist? I get that it may be easier to go with Clover, but I started with OpenCore and am determined to get it booting and it seems like its smarter in the long run of having a Hackintosh.
submitted by /u/Scafferoni
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VirtualBox High-Sierra iCloud fix (iMessage, Facetime, ect)

Hi, I'm totally new here and I really need some information on what I should do to make my virtual machine that runs macOs 10.13 like a real Mac (so I can get Two-Factor Autentification, iMessage and everything). I know this reddit is more for real hackintosh and not really for virtual machines but I only have a laptop and none of my component can work with any kind of tweaks (I already tried many things that never ended up okay) and because I couldn't find any information on how I could do what I want for this vm to work like a real mac, I'm asking here desperately to find someone who can help me with it.. Tell me if I'm doing something wrong on this post or I should give you more information about the setup and every thing.

submitted by /u/Le_Monsieur_Cool
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Clover resolution stuck at 720p after switching from HDMI to DP

Due to problems with a black screen after turning it off and on again a user suggested to switch from HDMI to a DP cable.

The problem with the black screen is vanished. But now the clover boot screen is in 720p max. Prior it was in 4K.

I tried switching clover display settings and disabling CSM in bios, but nothing helped.

Anyone some tips on this? Thank you.

submitted by /u/Lightcross777
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Installing Mojave on HP 8100 Elite SFF

  • CPU: Core i5 660 (Clarkdale)
  • GPU: GeForce GT630 2GB (Kepler)
  • MB: MS-7557 (Intel Q57 Express chipset)

Currently I'm having issues with USB (aka still waiting for root device, can't even get to the installer). Are there any patches available? Or even a proper EFI folder? And no, IOUSBFamily or any other kexts did not help at all.

Any help would be appreciated.

submitted by /u/alexocc
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Accidentally deleted hackintosh drive

I feel so dumb and I'm still in shock.

Yesterday I booted into Windows and I wanted to delete a partition from a 500GB drive. Instead I've deleted my entire hackintosh partition (1TB) with most of my data in it.
Since then I haven't touched a thing because I was worried I could make things even worse.

This is how the drive looks now

The hackintosh was installed with Clover and formatted in APFS file system in a NVMe drive. Drive is now Unallocated.

Is there a way to recover any data at all or even better clone the entire drive and recover it completely?
I managed to get a 2TB drive just in case.

I do have a backup with SuperDuper but it's from 7 months ago and there's still a lot of data I would need to recover since then.

I have no idea where to start and I'm ready to pay for methods/app if there's need to.

I've read that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard could help but in fact I don't know if the Windows version would be able to recover files from an APFS file system.

submitted by /u/ziovelvet
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Catalina Desktop | MSI Z270 Gaming Pro | i7-7700k | GTX1080ti


PROBLEM: Catalina doesn't boot after vanilla install, repeatedly fails Gfx load process.

AIM: ultimately I am trying to build a dual boot win/macos system that can boot into either OS without switching the HDMI cable from IGP to 1080ti port. Realise that this may not be possible, so otherwise a dual boot system where I need to switch the cable manually is also ok.


  • MSI z270 Gaming Pro, i7-7700k, GTX1080ti
  • 32gb RAM
  • 1*256gb M.2 (windows system disk)
  • 1*1tb M.2 (macOS system disk)
  • 1*1tb hard disk (shared data drive)


  • successfully installed vanilla Catalina using Clover installer and a clean Catalina install file from Apple. Monitor plugged into the motherboard and using IGP. Network & iCloud worked fine, audio did not work.
  • after completing the install and before copying the config.plist and kexts to the EFT folder, I tried to clean the config.plist according to the kaby lake instructions here.
  • After cleaning the config.plist the system doesn't boot, and in verbose mode shows an error at this point:

Begin Gfx firmware load process ForceWake Multithread = 0x30002 CONFIG0 (0xD00) = 0x80000000 GT_THREAD_STATUS = 0x400b0000 Doing retry #xx Hash data from ME never returned, status = 1, doing retry 

This is repeated 50 times before the system reboots.

I've attached my config.plist file here and a screenshot of my kexts folder. Would be grateful for any help in fixing this!

Separately, what should I do to get audio to work (Realtex ALC1220 codec) and whether it's possible to get the system to boot from the 1080ti at all.


submitted by /u/rolders
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My two Hackintosh - Ryzen 5 2600 - RX5700 & Intel i5-6500

My two Hackintosh - Ryzen 5 2600 - RX5700 & Intel i5-6500

I have two Hackintosh, one with AMD and another one based on Intel i5-6500.

Ryzen 5 2600 & RX5700

AMD Specs:

  1. Ryzen 5 2600
  2. ASrock b450m Pro4
  3. RX5700 reference card (using XT vBios)
  4. 16GB RAM, 3200Mhz
  5. ADATA NVMe 256GB (macOS)
  6. SSD 480GB (Windows 10)
  7. OpenCore bootloader
  8. Too lazy to do the USB mapping.


  1. Based on HP Prodesk 400 g3
  2. i5-6500
  3. 8GB RAM
  4. iGPU
  5. SSD 480GB
  6. Clover bootloader (because Clover fix bios reset problem, tried with OC, unsuccessful)
  7. USB map done.
submitted by /u/damhamaza
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only can connect to 5ghz?

i bought fenvi bcm94360cd card which works perfectly on windows and worked out of box in macos but wifi had some problems in macos i can't connect to 2.4ghz sometimes it connects but it's very slow and unstable but if i connect to 5ghz it works just fine this does not happens in windows i tried bcrmfixup and resitting the antenas which didnt help please help!

submitted by /u/xXthenistXx
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Kernel Panic, please help!

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-8250U (Kaby Lake)
  • GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • Laptop model: Dell Inspiron 7373
  • Audio Codec: RealTek ALC3254
  • Ethernet Card: N/A (j5Create USB Ethernet Adapter, if necessary)
  • Wifi/BT Card: Intel Dual Band Wireless 7265AC
  • What guide/tool followed: tonymacx86, kaby lake config setup from Vanilla Guide, and
  • What part I got an issue with: Pre-Installation
  • What files/config I am using: config.plist
  • I got to this point because of editing the config file after my laptop would endlessly reboot without providing an error.
submitted by /u/technogeekkevin
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Best wifi dongle for catalina?

I've recently picked up an XPS 9380 and am wanting to get macOS installed onto it. The WiFi card is unfortunately soldered onto the board, so I'm stuck with using a dongle.

Anyone have any recommendations for a decently priced dongle that works with Catalina.

submitted by /u/Jedixscum
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Lenovo Legion Y520-15IKBN - OpenCore everything works well except wifi using a dongle

Lenovo Legion Y520-15IKBN - OpenCore everything works well except wifi using a dongle submitted by /u/DR_donruma
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Finally got my Ryzentosh up and running (DUAL BOOT WINDOWS 10) - iMessage, FaceTime, iCloud all working fine.

Finally got my Ryzentosh up and running (DUAL BOOT WINDOWS 10) - iMessage, FaceTime, iCloud all working fine.

AMD Ryzen 7 2700x

Asus ROG STRIX B-450F Gaming

Adata Spectrix 16gb DDR4 3200

MacOS on 240gb Kingston SSD*

Windows 10 on 500gb Crucial SSD*

SAPPHIRE Nitro+ RX 580 8gb

2 500gb WD Blue for Games and Photos (Win 10 NTFS)

*Dual boot through motherboard f8 menu. OpenCore shows Windows but I haven't tried booting to Windows through OpenCore.

Any suggestions for cards to get wifi/bluetooth working for AirDrop and Handoff?

submitted by /u/gingerbreadraza
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Opencore and updates

I previously had a hackintosh that worked well until an update that came out broke it. I’m considering resinstalling OSX on my computer but I’m curious how the updates are and if they’re better with opencore than with clover?

Before it seemed like a crap shoot weather a new OSX update would break your otherwise working install. Has anything changed with this or am I missing something ? /r/

submitted by /u/choff5507
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iPhone 9 Cases Purportedly Arrive at Best Buy With April 5 Inventory Date [Image]

Case inventory for the upcoming 'iPhone 9' has purportedly arrived at Best Buy ahead of the new smartphone's launch.

A source tells 9to5Mac that the retailer has received cases from Urban Armor Gear and others with instructions that they are not to be merchandised until April 5th. The Urban Armor Gear case is from the Monarch Series and is designed for the 'New iPhone 4.7", 2020'.

What’s also notable is that Best Buy is being told not to inventory these cases until April 5, which is this coming Sunday. It’s unlikely that April 5 will be the release date for the iPhone 9, but one possibility is that Apple announces the iPhone 9 this week with availability sometime next week.

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Where to add If (_OSI ("Darwin")) {} line on SSDT-PLUG.dsl

I am clueless when it comes to SSDTs.. Any help would be much appreciated.. Where do I add the line for If (_OSI("Darwin"))? Is it even needed in this SSDT? I need to "Adjust [my] SSDTs with If (_OSI ("Darwin")) {}" so that these patches are only applied when I boot to the MacOS drive, and not my windows drive. (this is according to OpenCore Vanilla guide)

DefinitionBlock ("", "SSDT", 2, "ACDT", "CpuPlug", 0x00003000) { External (_PR_.CPU0, ProcessorObj) Scope (\_PR.CPU0) { Method (DTGP, 5, NotSerialized) { If ((Arg0 == ToUUID ("a0b5b7c6-1318-441c-b0c9-fe695eaf949b"))) { If ((Arg1 == One)) { If ((Arg2 == Zero)) { Arg4 = Buffer (One) { 0x03 // . } Return (One) } If ((Arg2 == One)) { Return (One) } } } Arg4 = Buffer (One) { 0x00 // . } Return (Zero) } Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) // _DSM: Device-Specific Method { Local0 = Package (0x02) { "plugin-type", One } DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) } } } 
submitted by /u/gunot290
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After power outage upon boot now reading "Welcome to Clover 4945 .... scan entries ...."

Headline says it all. Breaker tripped because wife was messing with a floodlight in the room over and now on boot I'm getting this message and nothing happens.

This is pretty urgent as I use this machine to work from home for my 9/5.

Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H CPU: Intel i7-3770K (Ivy Bridge)GPU: Sapphire RX 580 Pulse 8GB Mojave 10.14.6

submitted by /u/ArcanineNumber9
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Can't boot to macOS Mojave installer

Hello, I am using an HP ProBook 430 G5 (Intel core i5 8250U, UHD Graphics 620, 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB SSD + 512 GB HDD).

I am kinda new to hackintosh and I tried to install Mojave with this tutorial. I can't boot the installer on the USB Stick.

Here is my Clover folder.

Here is a photo of my computer stuck with logs readable.

submitted by /u/DadoumCrafter
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Should I try MacOS in a VM instead of/alongside my current dual-boot Hackintosh system??

Here's my usage scenario:

I have a dual-boot machine running Windows 10 on one SSD and MacOS Mojave on another. 90% of the time I turn on my PC I let it boot into MacOS because that's the OS I feel most comfortable with/has access to all my calendars, contacts, mail etc. I also edit a lot of videos in Adobe Premeire.

But 10% of the time I want to play games on Windows, including VR via Oculus and SteamVR. I hate the hassle/time spent rebooting from one OS to another, and so I'm wondering if there's any option for me to run both systems on one OS via virtualisation.

Now as I understand it, I will be losing performance via virtualisation because obviously it has to essentially run both OSs at the same time, and seeing as my most high-usage scenario is probably gaming/VR, it would make most sense to run MacOS on a VM inside of Windows 10. I've also heard I might need a separate GPU in order to do this, but I just so happen to have upgraded mine recently and have the old one in my cupboard.

So my questions are:

  • Given my usage scenario, should I run MacOS inside Windows instead of dual-booting?
  • If so, is there a way I could use my existing MacOS installation on SSD #2 to run as a virtual machine in Windows on SSD#1?
  • I'm guessing there would be ZERO possibility of running Windows 10 in a VM on MacOS and still hoping to get decent performance for things like gaming/virtual reality, right?
  • If I then wanted to do video editing in Adobe Premiere, would I see a major performance hit trying to do something like that in MacOS via a VM running on Windows? Would it make much more sense to do anything more system-intensive than simply browsing in Chrome or watching Netflix in Windows instead of in a virtualised MacOS? I can of course use Adobe Premiere on Windows instead of Mac but prefer using it on Mac as I get to use my Magic Mouse's gestures which don't seem to work on Windows....

I'd really appreciate some advice on this as I feel like there must be a simple way to make switching back and forth between my Windows and MacOS drives faster than simply rebooting my PC every time I want to play Doom.....

submitted by /u/peanutismint
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Needing help.

Hi , I’d like some instructions/tip in how to make my gaming laptop a Dell Inpirion that has a 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-7300HQ with an Nvidia GTX 1050, is it possible to do it on it? I love using windows but I feel more comfortable using MacOS.

submitted by /u/ltsukaaa
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OpenCore Catalina Success with some work needed

My first Hackintosh. Seems to work well. just had some graphic lag on this site when I switched between full screen. Some mouse lag and or not working at points?( I think it might be the HDMI cable maybe I need to go to display port with a monitor.

CASE: Corsair iCue 220T RGB ( no control of lights yet)

CPU: i5-9600KF

GPU: GigGigabyte Radeon Rx 5700xt Gaming

RAM: CORSAIR - Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB (2PK 16GB) 3.2GHz PC4-25600

Motherboard/Laptop model: Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO WIFI(rev 1.0)

Audio Codec: AppleALC

Ethernet Card: Intel® Gigabit LAN with cFosSpeed

Wifi/BT Card: Fenvi T919 to be delivered April 21

submitted by /u/sparkie172
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10.15.3 checksums

Hi all, can somebody post the checksums for macOS 10.15.3 (all files in the package).

Many thanks in advance.

submitted by /u/nijhawank
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