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MacBook Pro 2012 disabled gpu booted!

Change graphics

Can I change graphics setting like I have UhD 620 graphics But mac os showing 615 and I think that is the reason macos lagging a little bit

Can I change it to 630, or 620? Without creating a new EFI

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Battery issues

Battery is draining so fast on macos Like on my windows it is working like 5-6 hours Now only 2-3 hours?

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Upgrading iMac Late 2013 Catalina

My iMac Late 2013 with SSD, 32GB RAM, Intel i5 with GTX675MX graphics card, installed and running Catalina. It's running super creamy smooth despite being a decade old.

As I just stumbled on OCLP and obviously excited about it and wanted to upgrade to Sonoma.

I have not been able to find answers on OCLP site.

Can I install OCLP Sonoma and restore data / apps from my Catalina Time Machine backup? Or I have to crawl through every iteration of Mac OS from Catalina to Sonoma?

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Minimum Specs Requirement?

Hi ! Ive been thinking about it and I want to install hackintosh into my spare pc, was wondering if these specs are enough for it? Newbie to this thing too so I don't know if I'm asking the right questions.

H110M-DS2 Mobo
Pentium Gold G4600
Nvidia GTX 1050

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Steam not running on Sonoma

Steam not running on Sonoma

Hi, is anyone having trouble running Steam installation to the finish and managed to get it working?

I have a fresh installed Sonoma and updated to 14.1 (23B74) using OpenCore 0.9.5 and after that patching my Fenvi WiFi card using OpenCore Legacy Patcher 1.1.0.

System is running with no issues and I have not observed any instability. Everything seems to be working so far.

So I wanted to try some Steam games. I downloaded steam.dmg and run the install. It managed to update the Steam client but then when I expect some Steam GUI window to show, nothing. It is running in the Dock (not bouncing like it is lunching). It just sits there and nothing is happening. Even Network and disc activity is at idle speeds.

These are the only windows presented to me during the install process of Steam app:

Downloading update

Extracting package

Installing update

After that it runs the Steam app. Steam icon bounces a few times on the Dock, then it seems to be running (I can see a dot under the Steam app icon), but I can see no GUI window even when I right click to Show all the Windows.

I am not able to Quit the app from the Dock, I need to Force Quit it.

When I run it again after Force Quit, verifying window show for a second, then the app bounces on the Dock like for ever. After some time it stops bouncing and the dot appears under the Stream app icon (like it's running). Following window appears on the screen, but it is not usable. When I Show all the windows, caption of that window says Steamwebhelper is not responding.

Steamwebhelper is not responding

I obviously tried to delete Steam app including files found at this location /Users/USER/Library/Application Support/Steam/ and install it again. I restarted the OS a few times and reset NVRAM as well.

I have reported it to Steam support, they replied that Sonoma 14.1 is supported.

What am I missing?

My HW spec

  • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9400F CPU @ 2.90GHz
  • GPU: Saphire Radeon RX 6800 XT 16GB
  • RAM: 16GB (2x8GB stick) 3200
  • Motherboard Make and Model: ASUS PRIME Z390-P
  • Audio Codec: Realtek ALC887
  • Ethernet Card: Realtek RTL8111H
  • Wi-Fi/BT Card: PCI-e Fenvi FV-T919 (BCM4360)
  • Touchpad and touch display devices: No
  • BIOS revision: Latest according to BIOS online update

Appreciate any help, thanks.

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Fully working hackintosh on the Thinkpad X260!

Fully working hackintosh on the Thinkpad X260!

Fully working Big Sur Hackintosh with Native AirPlay/Airdrop etc… support! I found out that the WiFi whitelist for this laptop removed FOR ME when I updated it to the latest BIOS. So I bought a second hand BCM94360NG off of my local marketplace, and it worked! First time making my own EFI and somehow it worked! Here are my specs: i7 6600u 16GB RAM 256GB Crucial BX360 SSD (Stock) HD520 BCM94360NG

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Synchronization with iCloud paused - Photos