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making a hackintosh

I am new to making hackintosh's and my friend needs a new mac but i said to hold off but i have no experience making an hackintosh part list

here's what i came up with so far:

any help will be appreciated

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I Broke my Hackintosh Trying to update to big sur HELP

Today i tried to update my macos install from catalina to big sur, I looked at the opencore guide for updating and the first step was updating opencore bootloader so i downloaded the latest one and i got the efi folder and replaced it with my current one, What i didn't realize was that i deleted all my existing kexts and stuff, i tought it was fine because i had a backup, i re-inserted all my old files from my backup, i tought everything was fine until i restarted and it got past the verbose part then it gave me a black screen, now my hackintosh is broken, I originally used a efi file from technoli but now the file is unavalible idk if i messed up opencore or my kexts, my pc is a Aorus b450m + rx 580 + 16gb ram thankfully i still have my dual booted windows install but i want my macos back pls help im desperate, Sorry for any spelling mistaked english is not my main language.

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I have a legacy system and I want to know if I should keep the drivers that say systems that use DuetPkg.

Someone told me that the new opencore update included duetpkg and that you don't need to add it to legacy systems. What do I do now? Keep drivers for legacy? Or remove them.

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This setup works with hackintosh?



Ryzen 5 3600X

Ram 2x8 16gb ddr4 3600mhz

RTX 2060 K.O.

Disco 1tb 7200rpm

Disco m.2 256gb

Thermaltake h200 white

Fuente 600watts 80plus

Ml120l cooler máster

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Question about the future!

With the newly released processor exceeding expectations of performance, will the hackintosh “guide “ or process eventually stop due to the integration of a new chip language ? I am new to this and I’m thinking this might be a basic question :)

An example of this, generally , would be the builds apply to Intel processors. Since the release of the Apple processor, would the build support the new MacOS with an older Intel processor ?

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Hardware Raid on Catalina? 10900K

So, I just built a nice shiny 10900k on a Gigabyte Z490 vision D and everything is fine and everything works great...... Except. My Highpoint Rocketraid 3720A raid card WILL not load! I tried contacting Highpoint but they NEVER reply ever! In log files it says the card is not supported..... It worked fine under Mojave. So does anyone know how I can get this to work? At this point I would even go back to Mojave if I could install it on comet lake (Socket 1200) But I am told that Comet Lake only works with Catalina...... I really need my 8 data drives and TB3 8 bay enclosure is more than a new Tesla truck! so not really an option.Any help would be REALLY appreciated. Stay safe everyone!


Gigabyte z490 Vision D

Intel 10900K

Radeon Vii

64GB Corsair 3200Mhz (4x16gb)

Opencore 6.1

Catalina 10.15.7

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Experiencing kernel panic on first boot from USB of OpenCore. Not sure what's wrong.

Experiencing kernel panic on first boot from USB of OpenCore. Not sure what's wrong.

After following the guide at Dortania, I tried booting my MacOS usb, only to get an instant kernel panic. I tried following the tips in this post, but they didn't work for me.

The kernel panic

I am trying to use OpenCore on a laptop. Here are my specs-

Intel Corei i7-5500U

12GB Ram

iGPU- Intel HD Graphics 5500

dGPU- Nvidia GeForce 840M

Wifi- Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260

Boot Args-

-v keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 wegnoegpu aclid=3

File Trees-

Main OC Folder

ACPI Folder

Drivers Folder

Kexts Folder

Tools Folder

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Hackintosh iServices not working

I recently set up my hackintosh with Mac OS catalina 10.15.4 and everything works fine except iMessage and FaceTime. I followed the OpenCore guide and I have tried all the fixes like changing Mac serial numbers, snUUID etc. I also inserted my MAC address in my config and fixing en0. Is there any way I can get them to work?
(Ps. app store and icloud work fine but airdrop keeps crashing)

My specs are : Amd ryzen 2700
16 gb ram (3000 mhz)
Asus b450-m mobo
RX 590 gpu

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Can I use an SSDT USB .aml patch file from Clover in OpenCore?

I'm running a Gigabyte Aorus z390 Ultra on OpenCore 0.6.1with Catalina. I've been trying to get my head into USB mapping and have been battling along with USBmap to create a new USBports.kext but have yet to succeed. When I restart to map the second set of ports they don't appear even though NVRAM appears to be working ok.

I do however have a .aml for the USB ports from when I used Clover and Mojave. Can I use this with OpenCore and Catalina? I worked great under the old system. Don't want to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to! Thanks.

Edit: (I have read through the Clover conversion guide, but I didn't make this clear and I'm unsure where to add it in my config.plist to just try it!)

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10.15.7 update

im using opencore 0.5.9 on a b450 motherboard, is it safe to update the new OS update 10.15.7 without the opencore crashing or even touching the EFI?

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Headset microphone

I want to use the (old) Apple in ears with my Hackintosh. Or basically any headphones with an integrated mic. I‘m on a Z390 Designare and I have two separate plugs for mic input and audio output. So I got an adapter merging both into a single „4 pin“ cable but I can’t get the Microphone to work.

I don’t know what the problem is, maybe I didn’t get the config.plist or maybe this is a common issue that can be solved with different settings or third party programms.

I only know, the microphone is in fact working. How do I go about solving this?

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Wierd issue re gateway dx4860 tower not seeing uefi hackintosh installer usbs

Wierd issue. Gateway dx4860 desktop tower bios boot menu can't see uefi bootable hackintosh USB drives but sees bootable windows 10 installer USB in boot menu.

Tried with olarila pre-made hackintosh installer and installer I made myself both not being found.

Keep in mind both hackintosh installer usbs are found when i go into boot mode on my Dell latitude e7250 laptop

Any suggestions

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Hackintosh vs Mac Mini 2020 for iOS Development?

I have been developing Android apps on my Windows i5 4th gen 8GB machine and it runs fine. Now, I am thinking to dive into iOS development. And for that I need a Mac machine.

I was thinking of going with Mac Mini 2020 i5 model but the only thing that concerns me is the lack of graphics card in it.

I have read somewhere that Hackintosh is not very reliable in terms of XCode and all. I've never used an apple product before so can't decide which one to go for.

Is a hackintosh (same price segment as mac mini) better or should I go with Mac Mini 2020 i5 for iOS dev mainly?

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