An error occurred validated the installer data...

An error occurred validated the installer data...


  • CPU: I7-7700K
  • Motherboard: Aorus z270x-Gaming K5
  • GPU: RX 580 Red Devil
  • RAM: 32GB G-Skill
  • Ethernet Card: Killer E2500
  • What guide/tool followed: This one

I haven't attempted a Hack in years. I found the Dortania guide after watching a couple of YouTube vids and decided to give it a go.

I think I have everything set up correctly. I am able to boot from my USB, format my drive and start the install.

It will get to about 2mins remaining and sit there for a few minutes then error out.

I have tried to redownload the Catalina ISO and start from scratch using the Dortania guide. I have also tried downloading Mojave. I tried multiple USB drives, USB2.0 and USB3.0 ports. Creating the USB drive from Windows and from a Mac.

My Google-Fu came up to a few posts but not much help. One of the "fixes" was to make sure the time is correct. It wasn't. Correcting it didn't help though.

I need some fresh eyes. I am probably missing something stupid. I'm hoping its something I'm doing wrong so i can fix it and be done lol.

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