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Can i install IAtkos S3 in my pc? #iATKOS

Before im from spain excuse me if i write one thing bad

My question is if i can install Iatkos s3 on my PC

My specs are this

Motherboard Asrock N68C-GS FX

Processor Amd Athlon II X3

WIFI (usb adapter) TP-LINK WN727N

Graphics Ati Radeon X300 256 mb (or a integrated NVIDIA GeForce 7025 DX9.0)


Audio 5.1 CH HD Audio (VIA VT1705 Audio Codec (I dont know anymore than the audio)

Ethernet Gigabit LAN 10/100/1000 Mb/

If it's worth the so its installed in this moment is Ubuntu 13.04 in a 200 gb partition and i have another partition with 100 gb and i was thinking install a osx86 in this partition

If nou need more details say it

Thanks :)


Niresh 10.8.2 Booting help #iATKOS #ML2

Hi to all,

I ve tried to install Niresh 10.8.2 ML. But I got this error "BootCachecontrol: unable to open /var/db/Bootcache:playlist: 2"

Please help to solve this problem.

My laptop configuration is,

HP G62 107SA model,

Inter core i2 2.13 Ghz

4 Gb Ram

Thank in advance.


Best way to get SL on N220 Plus? #iATKOS


I want to install Snow Leopard on my Samsung n220 Plus (here are the specs Netbook N220 - TECH SPECS | SAMSUNG ) Since i want to have the Mac App Store i wan to run 10.6.5 but i would prefer runing 10.6.8. I tried iAktos S v2 but it was very unstable. Can anyone give me some advises how i should start , maybe trying with iAktos or another Distro , or maybe better a with the retail DVD?

(There are no drivers for the Broadcom 4313 WiFi chip, right?)

Have a nice day and thank you for helping!


proplem restart when install network #iATKOS #ML2


i have proplem with network kext .after install kext network and When you enter your Internet cable system doing a Restart . Knowing internet is work. More than the definition used, but the same result. Screen is black and need restart help me please

system : Mountain Lion 10.8.0

network kard : rtl8101e/rtl8102e

system by my hack 3.2 beta8

I need appropriate profile with explanation

Thank you for all

Bijgevoegde afbeelding(e)


USB intel 82801G ML 10.8 #iATKOS #ML2

Hi guys,

<<< DOWNLOAD >>>

I'll try to explain my little problem.

I installed on my Hp Compaq nx6310, OS ML 10.8 successful, but, usb ports (usb mouse and usb memory) only in installation program are enabled.

When i finished the installation, and started OS perfectly, with chameleon bootloader or other, usb ports are not enabled, but if starts in safe mode (-x) usb ports are enabled..

i checked kexts IOUSBFamily and IOUSBMassStorage, but they are ok, with no error on boot ( -v mode).

My motherboard´s chipset is intel 82801G

i need a bit of yours help ... please ;)

kind regards


Newbie wants to install Mountain Lion #iATKOS #ML2

After messing almost one month, i think i have to restart the process from beginning.

Product Name g6-2130se

Product Number B3R35EA

Microprocessor 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5-3210M

Chipset Intel HM76 Express

Microprocessor Cache 3 MB L3 cache

Memory 4 GB DDR3

Memory Max Supports up to 8 GB DDR3 (2 DIMM)

Video Graphics AMD Radeon HD 7670M (1 GB DDR3 dedicated)

Hard Drive

500 GB SATA (5400 rpm)

Up to 24 GB partition for system recovery

Multimedia Drive SuperMulti 8X DVD±R/RW with Double Layer Support


39,6 cm (15.6") HD BrightView LED-backlit (1366 x 768)

Network Card Integrated 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet LAN

Wireless Connectivity 802.11b/g/n; Bluetooth

I have Original Windows 7 home edition installed, and want to install Mountain Lion in my laptop. I almost readed 90% articles to install hackintosh on my laptop :very_drunk: , during a period of one month, and almost failed in every attempt. (Errors....err!!!)

What specifically i want to do:

-I don't want to remove my windows 7, beside i want to install Mac Os X mountain lion on another partition.

-I Have to install Mac Os X using USB (If it is easy)

I really really really!!! admire, if any on this forum help me "What i should do from Start". Thanks.


Almost frustrated guy



Virtualbox Mountain Lion sluggish graphics (low VRAM) #iATKOS #ML2

Hello, Everyone! Today I installed iAtkos ML2 into a Virtualbox. Everything runs great, except graphics are slow and choppy. System Information shows only 4MB of VRAM, even though I have allocated 120MB in virtualbox.

Any ideas on how I could fix this?


sony vaio #iATKOS #ML2

can anyone help me how to check on my driver worked or not on sony vaio vpceh28fg mountain lion 10.8.2(iatkos) combo update to 10.8.4 can anyone help me to check some driver not work or work help me please


HeLp Me Please #iATKOS


i have labtop thinkpad l410

and i try to install iATKOS_v7

and i try reboot and iboot and got the same error

but it error :concern::concern::concern:

see photo


How to Block All Incoming Network Connections in Mac OS X

The OS X Firewall provides an optional ability to block all incoming network connections, offering a significant security boost to Macs that are located in untrusted networks or hostile network environments.

Block incoming network connections in Mac OS X

Because this is the strictest level of preventative network access possible in OS X through the built-in Mac firewall, the ideal usage is for situations where the default assumption would be to not trust any incoming network connection attempts. Accordingly, this is simply too strict to be practical for average users in most environments, but it is at least worthwhile knowing how to enable the feature should it become necessary at some point.

Blocking All Inbound Network Connections in OS X

This feature is available in all versions of Mac OS X:

  • Open System Preferences from the  Apple menu and choose the “Security & Privacy” panel

  • Select the “Firewall” tab and then click the lock icon in the corner to login and allow changes

  • Choose “Turn On Firewall” if it hasn’t been enabled yet, then choose “Firewall Options”

  • Firewall options allow you to control connection blocking

  • Select the topmost “Block all incoming connections” option

Block all incoming connections in Mac OS X with this firewall option

As noted by the preference panel, when enabled this blocks all network connections to the Mac, including all sharing services, all file sharing through networks, screen sharing, remote access, remote login, and remote connectivity through SSH and SFTP, iChat Bonjour, AirDrop file transfers, iTunes music sharing, ICMP requests and responses – literally everything that is inbound which is not required for basic internet connectivity and servicing.

Blocks Inbound Connections, Not Broadcasts

It’s important to note this setting will not prevent the Mac from broadcasting it’s presence on a network if certain networking features are enabled (like File Sharing, AirDrop, Samba for Windows sharing, etc) and it does nothing to prevent outgoing connections, it will only impact inbound connection attempts from all nonessential internet services. For a specific example; if a user left File Sharing turned ON but blocked all incoming connections with the firewall, the Mac would still show up on network scans, but nobody would be able to connect to it. If blocking the Mac from broadcasting it’s presence on a network is desired as well, simply go to the “Sharing” preference panel and turn off the services that are revealing it’s presence.


placa Rampage III Extreme, Video GTX560Ti.. boot??? #iATKOS #ML2

Bom, tenho a seguinte configuração:

Intel Core I7-960

Asus Rampage III Extreme

12GB RAM DDR3 1333MHz

SSD OCZ 128GB Vertex 4 SATAIII 6Gbps



Consigo instalar o Mountain Lion (10.8), instalo o bootloader Chimera 1.11.1 r1394 mas na hora de reiniciar fica parado na tela da maçã girando a bolinha logo abaixo. Alguém que tem uma configuração similar ou alguém que possa me dar uma luz do que fazer? obrigado.


[SOLVED] M.L. Asus Rampage III Extreme, GTX560Ti... ??? #iATKOS #ML2



No DSDT patch for Asus M4A785TD-V EVO motherboard #DSDT

After failing to find any DSDTs for my motherboard (Asus M4A785TD-V EVO) on this site, Google or any other sites with DSDT databases, I looked at how to create your own DSDT.

I have looked at a list of DSDT patches here and could not find one for my motherboard. I also cannot find any online.

How do you go about creating your own DSDT patch? Is there an automatic way of doing it, or do you have to do it by hand?


Wrong CPU given. How can i fix this? #iATKOS


I am running a Hackintosh at 10.6.8, i wanted to upgrade to 10.7 lion, without losing my files. But whenever i open the installer it tells me it needs atlease a core 2 duo, i3, i5 or i7.

I am absolutely sure i have an i3 inside my pc, But in "about this mac" it shows me that i have an 2.93ghz dual-core intel xeon, it also shows wrong ram speed.

The problem is that the installer won't run.

How can i make Mac OS X Realise that i AM running with an i3 and not with an dual-core intel xeon to make the installer work?

Greetz, Dominique


Parallella Computer just for $99 !!!

The Parallella platform is based on the Epiphany multicore chips developed by Adapteva over the last 5 years and field tested since May 2011. The Epiphany chips consists of a scalable array of simple RISC processors programmable in C/C++ connected together with a fast on chip network within a single shared memory architecture. Here is a link to the Epiphany Architecture Reference Manual

  • Zynq-7000 Series Dual-core ARM A9 CPU (Z-7010 or Z-7020)
  • 16 or 64-core Epiphany Multicore Accelerator
  • 1GB RAM
  • MicroSD Card
  • 2x USB 2.0
  • 4 general purpose expansion connectors
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • HDMI port
  • Linux Operating System
  • 3.4″ x 2.15″ form factor

Lightblue Screen for a few seconds #iATKOS #ML2


my problem is that every now and then my screen turns into light blue for a few seconds and then returns to normal. Sometimes this issue happens often and in other cases i can use my pc mostly without this issue.

While i was on 10.7 this never happened, but i don't have a clue if this is software or hardware related.

my setup:

Gigabyte G41MT-S2P

Q6600 - stock at the moment


Quadro fx3700

I would really appreciate if someone could help me to fix this up!




Wrong graphic memory size #GPU

Hi, when I boot on Mountain Lion using chameleon with GraphicsEnabler=Yes, I get the name of the graphic card in System profile, but without the VRAM property.

During the chameleon log, when it detect the graphic card, It show 4096MB of memory instead 1GB. =/

Note: The kext, ATI5000, GraphicsAccelerator and AMDSupport are loaded.

How to get the correct graphic memory size?



Maximus Extreme Build #iATKOS #ML2

Hey there...

It's been a while since I last posted on here. Since then I bought a new Rig, and temporarily retired my old one. I say temporarily because at the moment it's pending the right drivers to Hackintosh it. Which brings me to my question.

First off let me list the components inside this machine :


- ASUS ROG Maximus Extreme LGA775 Mobo (2008)

- Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @2.8Ghz CPU

- 8Gb 4x2gb Kingston DDR3 1333Mhz RAM

- XFX Geforce GT620 2GB DDR3 GPU

- Sound Blaster Fatal1ty Professional Sound Card

- Thermaltake Smart SE SPS-630M 630W PSU

Second off, I would like to point out that I am no stranger to Hackintoshing, since at this very moment I already got Mountain Lion 10.8.4 running on a very old and decrepit Core 2 Duo machine. So guide won't be necessary. Also I am not asking for Mavericks, just Mountain Lion. I need it for professional reasons. Beta is unstable.

Now, I ask my question. Will I be able to Hackintosh this machine ? If so, please be so kind as to point me to the right drivers/kexts I need to get it up and running ? Latest versions and with Hardware QE/CI enabled if possible.

Thanks to all who will help in advance. Your input is very much appreciated.

Cheers !


What new mini-pci wifi card for my laptop that work 100%? #Networking

What is the best mini-pci wifi card I can buy for my laptop that works 100% with ML?


Kernel Panic after MS Word 2011 update #iATKOS #ML2


Everything was ok and then my mouse was freezed, after reboot I had a kernel panic.

Could you help me please? Thanks


Can't boot from Niresh 10.8.2 DVD #iATKOS #ML2

I'm having trouble booting into the DVD with my AMD F-6100 and 8 GB RAM. Help anyone?


ALC 259 kext #AUDIO

Guys! help please :( my audio is not working anymore, i didn't do anything, can you help me? I just need a kext for ALC 259 without dsdt, please? can someone give me one? I would really like to have my audio working :(