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Re: How to install OS X Mountain Lion in Virtualbox with iAtkos

after a reset und disconnect of the boot-image I get only the UEFI Interactive Shell...


Re: How to install OS X Mountain Lion in Virtualbox with iAtkos

My VirtualBox hangs here:


FIPS USER Space POST Success!

BootCacheControl: Unable to open /var/db/Boot/Cache.playlist: 2 No such file or directory

macx_swapon SUCCESS

Waiting for DSMOS...

Nothing happens...


Re: How to install OS X Mountain Lion in Virtualbox with iAtkos

New Try in other virtual machine...

(after completed installation), here the last lines:

ut to call: reboot(RB_AUTOBOOT).

syncing disks... Killing all processes



MACH Reboot

No interval found for . Using 8000000

Nothing happens, but 2 (of 4) Cores have 100% load. What can I do?


Re: How to make a Chameleon boot USB drive for your Hackintosh (from Windows!)

I have tried the steps several times and have the same problem as Jeffrey, nothing on USB


mac snow leopard on amd?? refusing to work. #iATKOS

i got a guide and all the stuff needed, worked on a guide on the net off my tablet.

i used a burned copy of snow leopard 10.6 but after 4 attempts on 2 different installs, they all say the same. they go after post and go to load the install and then get stuck on the nforce (waiting for root)

im currently using windows 8 on the pc i would like to hackintosh, i dont mind losing 8 for 10.6 snow.

i use the asrock n68-vs3 motherboard with a amd athlon mark 2 quad core 3.00 ghz processor with 8gb ram and an ati radeon 7860 gfx card. i use a 1tb hdd (sata and also use 2 200gb sats hdds on top of that.) samsung ata dvd= - rw drive used to run the installer

i have no idea what im doing wrong. i just want to see how osx uns on it if possible....



Test Internet Connection Speed from the Command Line #Mac

The excellent wget tool provides for a simple way to test the speed of an internet connection directly from the command line. Though it’s bundled with most unix variations, Mac users will first need to grab wget for OS X in order for this to work, wget is a simple terminal utility used to download files from the web and ftp and it’s handy to have around for a variety of uses.

If you’re already familiar with the command line you know what to do, but others can install wget, then launch Terminal (found in /Applications/Utilities/) and paste the following command string into the terminal:

wget -O /dev/null

Look to the righthand side of wget as it runs and you’ll see the connection speed (1.36m/s in the screen shot example). Because wget is pointing the downloaded file at /dev/null it won’t actually take up any hard drive space, so there is no concern about running this command repeatedly.

Speed test from the Command Line

This uses the same SpeedTest servers that are available to mobile users through the Speed Test app, it can make for a decent way to directly compare connection speeds on a broadband connection vs cellular, without having to access the SpeedTest Flash-based web apps, and without having to compile any additional command line software.

Plan on using this trick often? Consider adding a simple alias to .bash_profile:

alias speedtest='wget -O /dev/null'

Using an alias is obviously shorter and easier to remember, making it a bit more useful for scripts, automation, remote testing, and just for those of us who like to poke around in the Terminal.

This trick comes to us from @climagic on Twitter, be sure to follow @osxdaily there too if you haven’t done so yet.



Getting a Error on iATKOS v2 AMD PICS Please Help #CPU

Okay so after the 1st installation it was fine then it rebooted and as im On AMD i tryed busratio=20,busratio=21,busratio=19, No Luck i also did -v and some other ones hope u can help here is pic ec86a21a5795e9e7f5f09dd07be695e1.png

My Pc Specs




Brand new rig with approved Hackintosh spec still can't install iAtkos L2 #iATKOS

I've recently purchased components to build a new PC with the intention of creating a Hackintosh dual boot (or at least have Hackintosh on one drive)

As recommended I have got the following spec:

Gigabyte Z77 DS3H Motherboard v1.1

Intel i5 3570K CPU

8GB RAM (increasing to 16GB tomorrow)

nVidia GT640 graphics card.

Samsung 830 256GB SSD

1TB SATA drive

2TB SATA drive

I've tried on my laptop in the past and also on VirtualBox and been successful in installing both Snow Leopard (Retail) and iAtkos L2 disk. Although I never got beyond initial desktop, I was able to connect to the internet etc.

However when I install on my new machine, i just get the grey screen with the apple. no animation. Nothing.

I can't even use the Snow Leopard disk with MacOS tools disk.

(I also can't seem to even put the boot disks in my machine, as they both destroyed my Win7 boot, despite me not even installing anything)

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for any help! I'll be most grateful! :)




I install ALC 889 in my hackintoch but I dont have any sound I want to delete it in system in order to install other driver but I don't know the Ktexts name of this driver ALC 889. I have a Sony Vaio i5 VPCEH with a Connexant SmartAudio HD sound card inside. And the other problem is the video witch plays slowly when I put youtube. The graphique card is Geforce 410M Cuda. Please I need help to fix all these problems....


Anyone had luck with this processor ? #AMD

Hey everyone, im brand new at hackintosh and i got this HP notebook with a AMD kit..and i wanted to set it up with a OSX, if any one had any luck or has any helpful info, im all ears ! thanks, specs in the link :

HP 2000-2b20CA Notebook PC (C2N29UA) specifications - HP Home & Home Office Products



Working 10.8.4 but Seems to be booting from Safe Mode #iATKOS #ML2

Hi guys i got a really wierd problem occuring with my build. ive managed to install OSX on my machine recently and updated to 10.8.4 but couldnt get the sound working on my Gigabyte Z77-D3H motherboard and after reading on several forums and trying certian methods ended up messing up OSX and so had to start over but now ive got another (I'm hoping little) problem with the graphics.

Ive installed OSX successfully, run multibeast with the usual atheros and Nvidia GL drivers whilst using the EasyBeast option (which i did before) and it seems to boot ok except for one odd exception !!! When it boots up past the boot loader i get the grey apple screen but then underneath i get the grey loading bar underneath as if its booting in safe mode but whats odd is the only flag ive but into multibeast is GraphicsEnabler=No.

When i get into OSX the graphics are glitchy as if it is in safe mode and im still having no luck with the sound despite following all the online tuts !!

would really appreciate any help with these two problems



Install MAC OS X on my hp dv6-2137 sl #iATKOS #ML2

Hi, I want to install Mac OS X (any version) on my notebook HP dv6-2137 sl but I don't have any experience. What files have i to download? Thank you !