Z490: High Sierra installer stuck at "end randomseed"

Hello! I recently built a Z490 computer with the following specs: - Intel i7-10700 with an iGPU - MSI Z490-A PRO - 2x Corsair 8GB 3200Mhz RAM

I created the High Sierra installer with Unibeast using the guide on tonymacx86, but when booting the installer from the USB, it gets stuck at "end randomseed+++++++". When booting the same USB on a H97 computer, it works fine and the install is successful.

Things I've already tried: - Configuring BIOS according to MSI hackintosh guides online - Applying all the possible Aptio fixes separately - Applying the Free2000 fix - Shuffling RAM sticks around in the computer (Both in either As or Bs or one stick in either the first or the second slot) - The KALSR fix in the Dortania guide, got a slide value of 128, but didn't work.

I read online that this is a memory problem, but none of the proposed fixes or .efi files seem to work.

Has anyone had this problem on an MSI Z490 system, and if so, what was the fix? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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