HP elitebook 840 G1 Hackintosh Catalonia. Convert Clover efi to OpenCore

I have a HP elitebook 840 G1 running MacOS X Catalina smoothly on Clover efi with triple boot to Windows 10 and Linux. Now I want to convert over to OpenCore as it has better reliability issues but there is one thing. I don't know how to configure OpenCore. I tried messing around with OCGenX and OpenCore configurator buy couldn't get it to detect the MacOS partition. Eventually I managed to get it to detect but then I couldn't boot. Here are my specs: Storage: samsung 256gb ssd, 64gb to MacOS

Ram: 16gb

Cpu: Intel i5-4200u

WiFi + BT: Intel Dual Band Wireless‑AC 7265 (not compatible but got both to work using OpenIntelWireless's repository)

Install via Vanilla Catalina method using this guide.

Everything works as expected except OpenCore.

Sidenote: linux not detected on OpenCore but I couldn't find if OpenCore doesn't support linux or if it is a misconfiguration.

I also have a couple of questions about OpenCore. Can I just replace the boox64.efi and OpenCore.efi file in my efi folder to update opencore and call it a day like one does in Clover or does each bootloader update need a reconfiguration? Also does each os update require a reconfiguration?

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