Oddly slow boot sequence

Hello there,

So, I recently built a Ryzentosh, and I’m pretty glad I nailed it without any major trouble.

It features a R5 3600 and a Gigabyte Radeon 5500 XT OC on a x570 ASUS Prime-P mobo. I handle my dual boot using 2 NVME M.2 SSDs, and the whole system is boosted with 16Go (2x8) of 3200 MHz Corsair Vengeance LPX.

While this puppy is crazy fast booting on Windows, such is not the case when booting MacOS. I use Catalina with OpenCore 5.9, and I can’t help thinking it should boot up faster.

First, I have to wait an excessive amount of time before the OpenCore GUI appears. Then, the OpenCore verbose takes well over a minute to get done before I can finally access my MacOS desktop..

I thought of turning off the “verbose” mode in the config.plist (which I finally didn’t do by fear I’d lose control upon what’s going on) and looked around for any “delay” setting or something. Without success.

Could you guys help me out with this ? It will probably not appear like a big issue for some of you but that’s really time consuming and I feel my machine could go much faster (which is frustrating) !

Thank you very much for reading ! Yours.

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