AppleALC causing high cpu usage of kernel_task and no output on some reboots

I am currently running macOS Catalina on OpenCore on my HP Pavillion X360 11-u112tu with the ALC 288 and layout-id 13. I've tried the two other layout-ids, and only the microphone works and the outputs show up, but there is no sound through the speakers or headphone jack. The sound output was previously working fine, but suddenly has stopped working and along with that, kernel_task CPU usage has jumped from >5% to around 80% with AppleALC enabled. I have tried many different things from using SSDTTime to disable native HPET as well as the AppleALC delay without any solution. The HDMI Audio still works fine though, and the iGPU is the HD 620 is using device-id 1659. According to some sites that I've found, it could be an ACPI issue, but disabling native HPET has supposedly been the fix for that. Currently, the only clue that I've found is that when looking up HDEF in IORegistryExplorer, the first line says "acpi-device" = "IOACPIPlatformDevice is not serializable". I've been scouring google for hours and I haven't found anything quite similar so any help would be appreciated.

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