Solved: Wake issues on AMD dGPUs with Radeon Freesync

So I've been struggling with wake issues on my Hackintosh (two Hackintosh's actually) that had everything working except for wake issues. It sleeps just fine but waking from a standby or hibernate state would lead to a blank screen. It looks like things start up ok but for some reason the screen doesn't wake.

Turns out that if you have a 4K monitor with Radeon Freesync turned on, the monitor fails to reinitialize after sleep (standby or hibernate). After much debugging, this was my last idea and it worked! Disabling Freesync on the monitor solved the wake issue.

I had this same issue on an Asus H470-itx as well as a Gigabyte Vision D. Given it was happening on both mobos I felt it was either my monitor or my dGPU.

Anyways, I thought I'd share in case others were facing similar issues.

My monitor is an LG 32inch Thunderbolt 4K IPS HDR monitor with Freesync

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