About SMBIOS, serial numbers and models

As of right now I have a pretty comfortable install. MacOS itself is completely vanilla and about 70% of my work has been done in the ACPI space of my laptop where I've been creating my own SSDT's to take care of the legwork.

I'm actually working on a fork of rehabman's HP Envy patches to convert the whole process to OpenCore and to use tools and extensions that are being maintained. With this in mind, I figured I should get my shit together and ask some questions that could save me the headache later.

In the original patch, the SMBIOS used was for the MacBookPro11,1. While this was fine and all for most cases, back in 2015 I decided to become stupid as fuck and drop big cash on a CTO laptop from HP. The processor in my system is an i7-4720HQ.

Looking at the models on EveryMac I saw that the 11,1 CPU's were a little below my spec, so I decided to opt for the MacBookPro11,2 SMBIOS as the i7-4870HQ is close enough to my configuration.

But, when generating the serial info I noticed the platform key was G86R but every Mac I've found with the 4870HQ and no dGPU was G3QN. All hopped up on Adderall I managed to figure out a method to pretty much generate only valid serial numbers and after sifting through the ones with validated purchased I selected mine, got the board serial and uuidgen'd a SysUUID.

I guess my question is was all that just a waste of time? Does the serial/board serial contain any information that macOS will use to configure power management? I understand how and why you should select the right SMBIOS but I've never heard anything about matching with a specific model.

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