iATKOS ML Mountain Lion 10.8 [TORRENT]

- Burn the dmg image to a blank 4.7GB DVD (±R ,±RW) using Disk Utility or another burning application on OS X and then you are ready to boot with the DVD.
or- Restore the dmg image to a USB media and install latest chameleon to it (google is your friend) then boot with it.
- Windowsers can burn the dmg to 4.7GB DVD using Transmacor- Use x-flash or some other applications to restore the dmg to USB media, then install latest chameleon bootloader to it (google is still your friend) then boot with it.
Türk Team is seeding iATKOS ML BETA5 bootable dmg to iATKOS operators right now. This will help us to make it better.

A few info about the iATKOS ML:
- It is 64bit only which will exclude Intel Core Duo and older Intel processors. I did not add support for Atom CPUs because of the unsupported GPUs on netbooks.- AMD CPUs can not be supported. Maybe another release, maybe another lifetime.- The image can not fit into 4.7GB DVD, it is BIG. So, a Dual Layer DVD or a Blu-Ray disk will be needed to burn it, or a USB flash memory/hdd with a partition bigger than 6gb to restore the dmg.

This is iHackintosh 10.8