Snow Leo White/Grey screen after booting, Installed using Nawcom Boot CD, on GMA 900 #iATKOS


I have a ThinkPad X41, and I am trying to install Snow Leopard on it.

It's hardware is very similar to the super-popular Dell Inspiron 6000. Specs are as follows.

1.5Ghz Intel Pentium M 400MHz FSB

GMA 900

2.5GB DDR2 400MHz

AC97 Audio something.


I managed to get snow leopard booting with a legacy kernel, as well as the non-ahci kext that came with nawcom's boot CD, and chameleon 2.1. However, after booting up, when it brings up the GUI, I get a white/grey screen.

I've tried booting with GraphicsEnabler=No/Yes, -f -x and UseKernelCache=No with no avail.

I should also mention that -s works just fine and brings me into the single-user mode.

Anyone have any suggestions?



Installed the AppleIntelIntegratedFB.kext from another mac provided here:

Put the HDD back inside the ThinkPad, MacOS booted up to the GUI, and the "Welcome" screen came up. However after selecting my keyboard layout, I've been stuck on the spinning beach-ball ever since...