Retail SL 10.6.3 install fail on Sandy Bridge i7 2700k 16gb #iATKOS

Hi everyone,

I'm struggling to get my retail copy of SL to boot from the installer DVD. Any advice is much appreciated!

I should note: I created an image of it and restored it to an 8gb usb stick via Disk Utility with a 128mb partition containing Chameleon 2.1r2069. This is because I have no optical drive for the machine I am installing to.

Chameleon runs fine (of course) so I select the SL install partition and run with -v to see where it is stopping. It loads the legacy kernel (which was recommended in prior reading) but then stalls without further messages.

My hardware:


4x4GB Corsair Vengance 1600 RAM

AMD Radeon 6670

Core i7 2700K

650W PSU

The only thing left that I can think of is fiddle with things in org.chameleon.Boot.plist.

Please help! Has anyone with this hardware setup done this before? Do I need to:

a) Keep persisting with a USB stick install, or

b) Pull out the SATA drive I want to install to, mount it in a caddy and install SL from my old macbook laptop, or

c) Buy a DVD drive (last resort, and will this even help?)

I've even tried iBoot (no luck at all) and myHack (got to the white Apple logo screen and stalled). I'm running out of time and options, and wishing I bought a S/H imac! :(