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Dual boot on separate SSD's (OpenCore)
boot hackintosh

Hello, please help me. I am trying to make Windows 11 and macOS Monterey dual boot, but I'm facing problem now. I have installed my ma...

First dual boot
boot hackintosh

Hello everyone.. Iam newbie here.. I want to know how to make a dual boot windows-mac on my freshly buyed desktop pc [► Source]

Preventing Win10 Upgrade from Writing to Clover EFI, Any Suggestions?
boot hackintosh

I'm overdue for a major upgrade to my Win10 installation (Dual boot: Mojave on the NVMe card, Win10 on a SATA SSD), but due to my slow ...

Ubuntu Linux entry missing in OpenCore 0.7.0 menu in a Multiboot System with separate drives
boot hackintosh

Hi All, in order to install macOS Big Sur in a dedicated APFS volume on my multiboot system (WIN-macOS-Linux) on separate drives (UEFI-Mod...

Windows on separate drive and Parallels
boot hackintosh

Hi all. Simple question to which I've found either outdated or contradictory answers: if I dual boot Win10 with 10.12.6 on separate SSD...

[SOLVED] Hackintosh boots Windows Bootmanger instead of Clover
boot hackintosh

Hey there, I recently set up my Hackintosh. Everything is working fine (El Capitan and Windows 10 are located on the same SSD) on its own...

Error While Creating bootable for preparing for dual boot system.
boot hackintosh

TheBloke said: Yes, fully working OpenCL and Metal. Metal is up to 50% faster in GeekBench than OpenCL, a much bigger discrepancy than ...

Big Sur/OpenCore 0.6.8 installation on my Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3P: stuck boot
bigsur boot

Hi all, I have my Hackintosh with Mojave running smoothly with Clover. I wanted to install Big Sur on it without screwing up my working ...

Won't boot into Macos installation
boot catalina

Hi I'm currently installed Catalina but I have a problem when I boot the on to the usb stick and enter Macos boot installation my scree...

Upgraded to RX580, now no boot into macos.
boot hackintosh

Guys i need some help.. i just upgraded from a GT710 to a RX580 but when restarting the pc i can get to the login screen but when i enter m...

Triple boot after installation
boot hackintosh

So I've gotten my hackintosh dual boot system running (Separate hard drives, one for windows and one for macOS), but I want to add Linu...

Open Core GUI slow to process keystrokes
boot hackintosh

Hi all, ​ Opencore 0.6.7 Dual boot Windows 10 / Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6 Ryzentosh ​ When I boot up into the Opencore GUI and use my...