Can't Add a BOOT Option in BIOS

Adding BOOT Option for macOS on ASUS ROG STRIX X570-E Gaming Motherboard

Target Audience: Intermediate users with experience navigating BIOS settings and Hackintosh installations.


1. Update BIOS: Ensure your BIOS is updated to the latest version available from ASUS. An outdated BIOS may not support certain functionalities.

2. Prepare EFI Partition: Make sure that the EFI partition on your macOS drive is correctly set up with the necessary bootloader (like Clover or OpenCore).

3. BIOS Settings: Within BIOS, disable 'Fast Boot' and 'Secure Boot'. These settings can prevent custom boot options from being added.

4. Boot from Shell: Some BIOS interfaces do not provide an option to add a custom boot path through the GUI. Instead, use an EFI shell to manually add your macOS drive as a boot option.

5. Check File System Structure: Your EFI partition should have the following structure: `/EFI/BOOT/BOOTx64.efi` and `/EFI/OC/OpenCore.efi` (for OpenCore). The BIOS looks for `BOOTx64.efi` to add as a boot option.

6. Manual Boot Option: If the BIOS interface doesn't allow adding a new boot option, refer to the motherboard manual for a 'Boot Override' or 'Boot from File' option, which can be used to manually select the EFI file.

7. EFI Mounting Tool: Use an EFI mounting tool within macOS to ensure the EFI partition is correctly set up and contains the necessary files for booting.

8. BIOS Assistance: Consult the motherboard's manual or online forums for specific instructions on adding boot options for ASUS ROG STRIX X570-E Gaming.

9. Third-party Tools: Tools like EasyUEFI can be used within Windows to manage EFI boot options, which might provide a more user-friendly interface to add macOS as a boot option.

10. Professional Assistance: If you’re uncomfortable with these steps or the issue persists, seek assistance from professional technicians who specialize in Hackintosh setups.

Remember to make a backup of your current BIOS settings and your system before making changes to the boot configuration.

So I finally got MacOS installed. I can boot into it whenever my flash drive is plugged into the PC. However, when I go into the BIOS, I cannot add a boot option to be able to boot into MacOS without the flash drive. For context, I have an ASUS ROG STRIX X570-E Gaming motherboard, and I have the bios set to advanced mode. When I go to the boot section, all it gives me are 5 boot options, which the dropdown menu giving only current boot options. But there are no options further below to add a custom boot option.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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