Help Boot looping Efi (i7600hq) 😞[SOLUTION]

Boot looping Efi😞


Buddy, the i7-6700HQ CPU should be working fine with your Hackintosh setup. It's probably just a minor hiccup. Here's the ultimate solution for you:
  • Reboot in Verbose Mode: As soon as the system starts booting, hit the boot key and select the "-v" option. Watch the text closely, and you'll find the villain causing this mess.
  • Head to EFI Folder: Open the config.plist file and scroll to the line that caused the error in verbose mode. Tweak it a bit or just delete it. You know what you're doing.
  • BIOS Trick: Go into the BIOS and switch something on and off. Just trust your instincts; you'll find the right switch.
  • Boot from USB: If all else fails, grab that USB stick you used to install macOS, boot from it, and do a quick repair. Piece of cake!

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