No schema found errors after mapping USB ports

Hey guys - So I'm running a Hackintosh using OpenCore 0.6.0, which has been stable for a couple years now using Big Sur. A couple weeks ago, I realized that I didn't actually map my USB ports correctly, and watched a video to make them properly using OCAuxillaryTools. The USB ports work perfect now, but I'm also now getting a bunch of error codes popping up when I boot (note: everything still boots up and works fine). Here's what the screen looks like:

I read a post on here that recommended using OCConfigCompare. When I download a sample plist and compare to my plist, this is the values that it shows as missing:

config.plist -> Kernel -> Quirks - Missing Key: DisableIoMapperMapping config.plist -> UEFI -> Quirks - Missing Key: ResizeUsePciRbIo config.plist -> UEFI -> Output - Missing Key: InitialMode config.plist -> UEFI -> Output - Missing Key: GopBurstMode

These listing look different than what I'm seeing as errors on boot-up. Anyone have any pointers? Do I need to update OpenCore and run this again? I don't wanna screw anything up. Thank you!

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