How to Prepare for Big Sur

As many people have been running system-definitions - the model of Apple Mac your Hackintosh is emulating - which will no-longer be supported under Big Sur, if you would like to upgrade when the time comes you will need make some changes to your config.plist.

I've been happily running system-definition iMac14,2 for many years but this is an old Mac model which will not be supported going forward with Big Sur. So I need to prepare now.

To get this thread started I'll show you what I...

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  1. If you're using an older system-definition that will no longer be supported in Big Sur, you will need to make some changes to your config.plist in order to prepare for the upgrade. Here are the steps you can take:

    1. Identify the system-definition: Determine the current system-definition you're using in your config.plist. In your case, it's iMac14,2.

    2. Research compatible system-definitions: Look for compatible system-definitions that will be supported in Big Sur. Check forums, Hackintosh communities, or official documentation to find the appropriate system-definition for your hardware.

    3. Update the config.plist: Open your config.plist file and locate the "SystemParameters" section. Look for the "SystemProductName" key and change its value to the new system-definition that is compatible with Big Sur.

    4. Save and test: Save the changes to the config.plist and test your Hackintosh to ensure it boots properly. Check for any issues or errors during the boot process.

    5. Additional adjustments: Depending on your specific hardware, you may need to make additional adjustments or patches to ensure compatibility with Big Sur. Refer to resources specific to your hardware configuration or consult with the Hackintosh community for guidance.

    It's important to note that upgrading to a new macOS version on a Hackintosh can sometimes be challenging, as it requires careful consideration of hardware compatibility and adjustments to configuration files. Make sure to backup your data before attempting any upgrades and proceed with caution.

    If you encounter any specific issues or errors during the process, reaching out to the Hackintosh community or forums dedicated to Hackintoshing can provide valuable assistance and guidance.