Confused about Synaptics X1Y3 Thinkpad touchpad

I did a hardward mod on my Thinkpad T480s by swapping out the original Elan one with the one from Thinkpad X1 Yoga 3. At the momemtn it is working fine with the VoodooPS2.kext.

I am a bit confused what i need to do next. The only thing not work is Force touch using the touchpad hardware button (the "click" one under the touchpad).

Looking at various from voodooSMBUS and voodooRMI, my IOREG says that the synaptics is using SMBus, but when I install VoodooSMBus and VoodooRMI (in the correct order as per this link, my Touchpad doesn't work.

BTW, I am using dsdt and not ssdt.

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