Magic Mouse has poor signal starting today


I had good signal with my Magic Mouse and magic keyboard both at around -50db, but now today the Magic Mouse sits at around -70db making it virtually unusable.

It’s weird that the keyboard does not have any issues.... I swapped my Magic Mouse for the magic track pad and it was fine for a few hours and then out of no where same issue.... mouse is super laggy across the screen

I just got my hack working on Wednesday night and I had placed it on top of my 8in studio monitor not realizing how much vibration the bass would cause. I’m wondering If the vibration dislodged the antenna cables that come out of the m.2 WiFi/BT card? I had just installed the cables Wednesday night and the computer/case sat through 14-18 hours of med-strong vibration.

Since the BT problem started I’ve put the case/computer on the table where I managed to make some space (cramped desk rn so the monitor seemed like an ideal location please don’t skewer me).

No other issues, and no devices that would be causing interference. If there was, or if I had loosened a cable connection, why do I see the signal drop off so poorly on the Magic Mouse but not the Magic Keyboard?

Is there any potential SW explanation for this? I’m on high Sierra and don’t have issues with my MBP that is also on high Sierra. I don’t think there is a SW reason for this but if there is anything y’all have heard of lmk. The fact that the keyboard has no connectivity issues has me suspicious, it never even hits -60db, stays around -50 to -55 db


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