New to hackintosh, inquiring for advice.

So I have interest in installing a dual boot macOS (mojave) on my current PC specs: CPU: ryzen 5 3600

Mobo: B450 Tomahawk max

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16gb 3600mhz

GPU: RTX 2070 super *

4 boot drives to choose from: 1tb NVME Samsung evo 500gb Samsung SATA SSD 2 traditional HDD (1tb, 2tb)

So I've done a little bit of research and realized my GPU is incompatible, on the grounds of lacking driver support. I have tried to follow this guide:; when I try to boot from USB media and restart, in the clover interface I get the 'prohibited sign' [🚫]. I presume this is because of my graphics card, although I am unsure. Can anyone confirm or deny these suspicions and provide help in regards to this issue? Is there a way to work around this with my 2070 super?

My intended use case for macOS is purely to utilize facetime/iMessage services without buying an actual apple device, given my hardware is this possible with any version of OS X? If there are any links/resources available to help me that would be amazing. Furthermore if this is not possible with my current graphics card, can I use my old AMD radeon HD 7970 as my display output and use this as a work around? If so please let me know and also let me know what version of OS X is in my best interest given my situation (with links to resources if possible please and thank you). Thank you in advance for your time, and I especially appreciate any and all help!

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