OptiPlex 9020 install help

Hey all,

After reading a bit about open core and seeing prices on these Optiplexes I finally pulled the trigger. I got an OptiPlex 9020 with i7 4770. Threw in 16 GB of ram and a 1TB SSD and set in for what I figured would be a tough weekend project! I actually have gotten farther tonight than I anticipated, all the way to the macos install screen. The only problem was I had no mouse/keyboard any longer.

I have noticed my usb mouse loses power after I start the install from opencore.

I also have to unplug and plug my install drive in at one point every time to get past it.

At this point I’m considering starting over fresh instead of modifying the Optihack that was posted here awhile ago.

Anyone have any experience with these Optiplexes and USB?


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