OpenCore vs. MultiBeast

Greetings frens! I have a question that bugz me so I wanted to address it to this community. I will call things with their real names, so if I penalize any rules, forgive me. First timer.

Long story short - long time hackintosh user. UniBeast and MultiBeast seems to work best for me.



CPU i7 4790 (non K version)

MOBO AsRock Z97 Anniversary

RAM 32 GB Corsair 1333/1600 MHz with XMP1.3

GPU Asus Strix RX 470 8GB OC

Works like butter. As I am in many hackintosh channels and subreddits etc. I see rise of OpenCore. I read that it's the ultimate way to bring macOS to its potential. I've watched some basic OpenCore installations and I get the fundamentals behind it.

My question is how big or small of an improvement I will get if I successfully manage to install it? Not that it's not good right now, but I feel I am not covering all components to their potential with tonymac...

I'm using it generally for music making and some web surfing. All SSDs and HDDs crossing, Fusion Drive and RAIDs are possible if needed. Thank you if you're taking the time answering.

PS: This post was in a FB group but it wasn't for hackintoshes so I just copy paste it here. May have small irrelevant details that are not needed here. Too lazy to be polite again :)

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