Catalina 10.15.6 Graphic Glitch

Catalina 10.15.6 Graphic Glitch

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I installed hackintosh (Catalina 10.15 after that updated to 10.15.6). Everything seems fine until I try to play couple of games.

When I run a game, no glitches spotted but when I start a video on youtube (Some music) or friend shares screen in discord it starts insanely glitch.

Tried many things like:

  • Installing nvidia cuda drivers
  • Injecting nvidia through clover

How I installed Hackintosh:

  • Mounted Catalina on 32GB USB flashdrive through transmac in Windows, booted up erased my SDD to Mac OS Extended, and whent through all instalation process.
  • Installed Clover Configurator

Here are the photos of PC specs and graphic glitches:

I have added SSD Samsung 850 Pro 128GB

P.S. I'm new here and I'd really apreciate for your help!

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