Troubleshooting macOS Catalina Boot Issues with OpenCore EFI


Introduction: Encountering boot issues with macOS Catalina on your Hackintosh running OpenCore can be challenging, but with systematic troubleshooting, you can identify and resolve the problem. This guide will help you step-by-step in troubleshooting and potentially fixing the boot problem.


  • Computer with compatible hardware
  • macOS Catalina installation USB with OpenCore EFI

Step 1: Review Config.plist:

  1. Open your config.plist file using a plist editor or text editor.
  2. Verify that ACPI, Booter, DeviceProperties, Kernel, Misc, NVRAM, and PlatformInfo sections are configured correctly.
  3. Check that your SMBIOS settings align with your hardware.

Step 2: Verify BIOS Settings:

  1. Access the BIOS/UEFI settings on your computer.
  2. Confirm that settings such as Secure Boot are disabled, and Boot Mode is set to UEFI.
  3. Ensure that virtualization features like VT-d are disabled.

Step 3: Check USB Configuration:

  1. Some systems require USB port mapping. Investigate USB port configuration using guides specific to your hardware.

Step 4: Boot Flags and Arguments:

  1. Experiment with boot flags and arguments to troubleshoot. Common flags include -v for verbose mode and -x for safe mode.
  2. Add necessary flags to your config.plist to address potential issues.

Step 5: Verify Kexts and Drivers:

  1. Check that the necessary kexts are present in the EFI/OC/Kexts folder.
  2. Ensure that your drivers (located in EFI/OC/Drivers) are compatible and up to date.

Step 6: Log Analysis:

  1. Analyze your OpenCore log to identify any specific error messages during the boot process.
  2. Look for clues about where the boot process fails and possible causes.

Step 7: Test Different macOS Versions:

  1. If Catalina fails to boot, try testing with a different macOS version to see if the issue persists.
  2. Some systems may have better support for specific macOS releases.

Step 8: Community Support:

  1. Visit Hackintosh forums or communities to seek assistance.
  2. Share details about your hardware specifications, config.plist, and any error messages encountered during boot.

Step 9: Reset NVRAM:

  1. Reset NVRAM to clear any potential conflicts.
  2. Check if this resolves the boot issue.

Step 10: Document and Seek Assistance:

  1. Keep detailed records of your configuration changes and error messages.
  2. If you're unable to resolve the issue, share this information on forums to get targeted assistance.

Conclusion: Resolving boot issues with macOS Catalina on your Hackintosh requires a patient and systematic approach. By carefully reviewing config.plist, BIOS settings, USB configuration, and seeking community support, you can identify the cause and work towards a solution. Good luck with your Hackintosh project!

Catalina (with OpenCore EFI) will not boot on my computer.
Hi there, my computer is unable to boot macOS Catalina for some reason and I am unsure why, The attachments I have attached is my OpenCore EFI stuff, and Log. Please help!

Author: Luna