Troubleshooting OpenCore 9.6 Debug Installation Error for macOS Catalina

Facing installation issues during a Hackintosh setup, especially for beginners, can be quite challenging. The error message "macOS could not be installed on your computer" during the Catalina installation indicates a problem that could be related to several factors, such as your EFI configuration, hardware compatibility, or the installation media itself. Let's go through some steps to troubleshoot this:

Guide Step by Step:

  1. Verify Your EFI Folder:

    • Ensure that your EFI folder is correctly set up for your specific hardware. Since you're using OpenCore 9.6 Debug version, make sure all the kexts, drivers, and ACPI patches are compatible with Catalina and your hardware.
    • Pay special attention to the config.plist file. Validate it using OpenCore's configuration checker to ensure there are no syntax errors or misconfigurations.
  2. Create a Fresh Installer:

    • Sometimes, the issue can be with the installation media. Create a new Catalina bootable installer using a reliable guide, ensuring that the macOS version you download is not corrupted.
  3. Check Date and Time:

    • You've already tried changing the date and time, which is good. Ensure the date is set to a period when Catalina was still being signed by Apple.
  4. Hardware Compatibility:

    • Since you mentioned potential issues with your motherboard, ensure that other components like CPU, GPU, and RAM are also compatible with Catalina.
    • Disable any unnecessary hardware in BIOS that might cause conflicts (e.g., onboard WiFi/Bluetooth if not compatible).
  5. BIOS Settings:

    • Since you're using legacy boot, ensure that your BIOS is correctly configured for a Hackintosh setup. This includes settings like AHCI for SATA, disabling VT-d, and other relevant configurations.
  6. Check Logs:

    • OpenCore DEBUG version should generate logs. Check these logs to identify where exactly the installation is failing. This can provide specific clues about what might be going wrong.
  7. Test with a Different USB Port:

    • Try using a different USB port, preferably a USB 2.0 port, as they tend to have better compatibility during installation.
  8. Minimal Kexts and Drivers:

    • Start with a minimal set of kexts and drivers necessary for booting and installation. You can add additional kexts and drivers after successfully installing the OS.
  9. Internet Connection:

    • While you've tried unplugging the ethernet, sometimes having an active internet connection during installation can help, especially if macOS needs to download additional components.
  10. Seek Community Assistance:

    • If you're still facing issues, consider seeking assistance from Hackintosh communities like tonymacx86 or Reddit's Hackintosh forums. Sharing your hardware details and EFI folder can help experienced members provide more targeted advice.

Create config.plist:

For Catalina installation issues, the config.plist file is crucial. Ensure that:

  • The SMBIOS is appropriate for your system.
  • Kexts and drivers are correctly configured.
  • ACPI patches (if any) are suitable for your hardware.

Remember, Hackintosh builds can be quite specific to the hardware used. The problems you're facing might be unique to your particular combination of components. If you continue to face difficulties, detailed information about your hardware could provide more insights into potential compatibility issues.

OpenCore Debug V9.6 Catalina failing at the beginning of installation after reboot
This is my first hackintosh build and I'm relatively new so it took a while for me to get used to everything but now I'm running into a consistent problem that I haven't been able to fix no matter what I try.
I can load the Boot picker, choose the USB installer and it loads up perfectly normal, but after the installation reboots once, it gets stuck at the beginning of the installation with the following error:

macOS could not be installed on your computer
An error occurred while loading the installer resources
Quit the installer to restart your computer and try again.

I've tried about almost anything by now: Changing the date and time to match and changing it to a date where catalina was still supported, disabling SIP, running the installer command in the Terminal, restarting the computer multiple times, disconnecting all other devices while installing, unplugging the ethernet, disabling secure boot

I've also tried looking for this same exact issue on the forums, but none of the fixes seemed to work for me.

I know that my MOBO might potentially have a few problems with macos but others seemed to have no problem when installing catalina.

The only method that partially worked for me was disconnecting the drive and reconnecting it to my macbook and downloading it from there... which worked but when I tried using it on my computer I started having multiple issues, i.e., not being able to open applications at all or using my apple id, which is why I'm trying to install directly from my computer this time to see if I run into some other issues while installing.

below is my EFI folder that I used for the installation (OpenCore 9.6 DEBUG Version)
I used legacy booting becuase my motherboard's UEFI is very unstable and downright doesn't work most of the time.
all ideas would be very appreciated.

Author: Euscelis