clean DSDT dump from existing OC system?

how do i obtain a clean DSDT form an existing OC system (Catalina).

I'm trying to do a fresh install of Ventura. I tried using SSDTTime from my Catalina at first, only to discover that the option to dump DSDT is disabled by design because that'll not give me the unadulterated DSDT which makes sense.

I've seen some posts floating the idea of using the hackintool to do this, but since i'll be booted in to my current Catalina before doing this, wouldn't the same logic apply that the DSDT will not be clean?

So I tried dortania's suggestions viz. SysReport Quirk or UEFI shell, but I can't seem to make my USB bootable. I need to boot in to the picker on the USB in order for SysReport Quirk to dump.

So far i've followed the USB creation guide up to the kext section (have gathered all kexts), but not gone on to the further sections (SSDT, config.plist) etc. Is it because i don't have any SSDTs and config.plist that my USB is not bootable? ensues chicken egg situation ... help?

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