Bios boot menu broke after a faulty guide, don't know where else to get help.

Hi. I wanted to make a Hackintosh and I was following a guide off YouTube. It told me to get my USB drive and use a tool called "balenaEtcher" to put the MacOS files on it. I booted off the USB and it came up with a menu visually the same but different in options from the video. The video showed "Install MacOS" and 2 other options, but mine only showed "Bootcamp Windows". I assumed that was a step he accidentally skipped (which was very stupid of me, probably), and entered into "Bootcamp Windows". It just went to a black screen, so I restarted my PC. Now, whenever I open the boot menu in my BIOS, it just goes to a black screen. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a fix?

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