Is SSDs with Innogrit unsupported?

Months ago I hackintoshed my Dell Inspiron 5577, Toshiba HDD.

Recently bought an Adata XPG Gammix S70 Blade 512GB after reading
Storage | Anti-Hackintosh Buyers Guide ( and tried to hackintosh - install macOS in a partition of a that SSD. So I deleted the HDD's MacOS Partition since I did not want two MacOSes. I used the *Same EFI Folder* which I used for HDD but I did add `NVMeFix.kext`.

I made a reinstall, then proceeded to installer - [progress stuck at "28 Minutes Remaining", system not responsive]

So I rebooted and tried again many times. Then I formatted the partition again and retried.

The MacOS Recovery `Reinstall MacOS option` - [progress stuck at "12 Minutes Remaining", system not responsive].

So I rebooted and tried again many times. Then I again formatted the partition and retried because I didn't get to the installer also!
I checked my config file a lot of times but I found no issues. I also tried different file systems (before and after formatting from/into using Disk Utility. I also tried formatting using commands but now often it got my system unresponsive. I checked if my NVRAM wasn't broken and it was ok. I had tried ResetNVRAM option many times before trying many of the processes.

On asking Hackintosh Community on discord, I found out the frozen system (here referring to "system not responsive/ unresponsive") is called as "Hard Lock" and actually my cursor gets stuck. progress and everything is frozen. *CapsLock light is also not working at that time!* and this could be due to unsupported SSDs but I am just not sure if it is really unsupported or I am doing something wrong or missing something? So I'm asking you here to clear my doubt and help! :D

I'm very new to reddit, my english is not so good hence the flair or any rule could be wrong or be not followed by me (respectively) so I will be glad to be corrected in the replies instead of getting removed, Thanks!
This falls under both question and help so I choose Discussion :)

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