Unable to hackintosh Lenovo laptop

Hello there, I don't post here much but I'm literally unable to hackintosh my Lenovo laptop (Lenovo Ideapad 110-15isk. I've tried both Clover and OpenCore, and even then I can get the macOS recovery to boot. I did get to some results with OpenCore but at the end it says "Attempting system reboot" or sometimes, and then it reboots. I've tried 3 times and checked 4 times my config.plist file each time and eventual settings in the BIOS. I have no idea what to do anymore. Can someone tell me or link me to a good guide to install macOS on this laptop?

  • CPU: Intel Core i3-6006U Skylake
  • GPU: iGPU Intel HD Graphics 520 GT2
  • RAM: Single 4GB DDR4 stick
  • Wi-Fi card: RTL8821AE
  • Ethernet controller: RTL8101E
  • BIOS: InsydeH20, version 1TCN27WW(V2.08) rev05
  • Internal LCD: VGA
  • Mouse and keyboard connection: PS/2
  • Motherboard: Lenovo LNVNB161216
  • Motherboard Bus: PCI-Express 3.0 (8.0 GT/s)
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