Help to install OSX Mojave on ASRock H61M-VS

Hi there guys)) I need help in installing my first ever desktop Hackintosh... Previously I had Big Sur on my Dell Latitude E7270... but now I've bought a used desktop with motherboard AsRock H61M-VS with Intel Core i5-3570 (Ivy Bridge), 4GB RAM, and GTX 760 2GB installed... I have only 8GB flash drive so decided to install Mojave for the start... I'm planning to upgrade to Big Sur as it still supports Kepler GPUs... I can't find any EFI setup for this motherboard. After some research in dortania's OpenCore Install and configuration guide, I've collected all necessary kexts and patches, configured fresh config.plist and etc. .. Downloaded latest Mojave installer with GibMacOs script... after booting to OpenCore boot menu and selecting MacOS Installer it shows " End SetConsoleMode" and restarts the whole system (reboot loop)... so I need you guys to help me if it is possible))) I'll attach my folder for you to analyze... Thank you very much for any help)))

Here is my EFI folder drive link:

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