Should I do it?

Hi. I bought a new PC, i use it for browsing the web, edit videos, songs and play games. Now i have windows 11 on it. Should I switch to macOS? My PC has these specs:

Intel Core i5 10300H, up to 4.5 GHz

16 gigs of RAM

Two GPUs, an Intel UHD 630 and a 1650Ti, that i know i would disable.

But the thing is, should I do it? i want to try macOS, but i know i feel better with windows, but a VM doesn't give me the experience of a real Mac. And, my wifi card isn't supported, only the Ethernet one. So, should I do this, erase my disk and install? or keep windows? remember that i have Forza horizon 5 installed on the PC and it takes 100 GB, and i have a 10mbps wifi so it could take a little to redownload.

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