No Trackpad on Dell Latitude e5280, Catalina, latest Open Core

I've gotten back in to the hobby of it but realized how frustrating the process is again. I bought a Dell Latitude 5280 in multiple parts and fixed it up. After following the OpenCore guide I was getting a kernel panic, but also saw an assortment of files specifically for the 5280 on github. I used those instead and feel like I cheated a bit but would eventually like to know why I need all the extra kexts and such.

One group is the VoodooI2C. In windows Device manager I see three entries for the mouse, one being the I2C trackpad, which upon further investigation shows as an alpsalpine device. Off the bat the keyboard works but not the trackpad, and all the google results I've seen for Reddit seem to show unresolved questions and issues. I did see one fix which was to use RehabMan's older Voodoo kext. I moved the existing one to a different folder (keeping it safe if I needed it again), placed the older RehabMan version in it's place, but then when rebooting it's just stuck at the apple logo. The playlist in the files from the 5280 page on github had no verbose mode. I don't mind reinstalling it though as I never got far with additional software installs after that and was instead focusing on the trackpad. I believe I should be able to use a spare phone as a trackpad via a Google Play software download. Maybe not the most practical choice though.

I did discover a cool thing... the laptop is so small that it will only allow for a 2.5" drive or an m.2 drive. But being there's an empty WWAN slot I was able to put a 32GB M.2 drive in there and install MacOS to that. Still, I'm wondering if it's easier just to resort to Clover in instances like this where not everything is working. Maybe that depends on what are the most critical components for each person.

Is it better to go back in the config.plist for OC and disable things one by one to figure out which kexts will get the trackpad to work? Thank you for your help!

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