Changed res - Dell Latitude E 5540 (no video)

I've been messing with a Dell Latitude E 5540. I finally got the keyboard and trackpad more stable. But to make tinkering easier I decreased the resolution from 1900x1080 to the next lowest one (1600x something directly from System Preferences - - > Display). Now when I boot right from the hard drive it loads in verbose mode but eventually goes to a screen where I see some quick horizontal lines and no video.

If I reboot and choose Reset NVRAM, that works for trackpad issues, but does nothing for video. At least with Clover you could add temporary flags to test stuff and get In to MacOS with temp settings.

Is there a way to do something similar with OpenCore at the boot menu? Do I need to hook up an external monitor to change the settings? Is it essential to have a second hard drive with Windows on it to make the changes in ProperTree when stuff like this happens?

Thank you.

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