5700XT + Mojave ?

Hey everyone,

I installed Mojave on my Windows 10 setup, everything went fine. Everything works, except the GPU that is not detected. (shows up as a device with 16 MO of VRAM...)

I did some reasearch and my dumba** actually realized that Navi GPUs aren't supported in Mojave. I would update to Catalina/Big Sur, the problem is that I actually need Mojave to run a 32bit game that is a Mac exclusive (it's the only reason I installed OSX in the first place). So of course that game isn't running right now...

So I have two questions :

1) Is there really no way to make Navi GPUs compatible with Mojave. I saw something about Navi GPUS being mentioned in a Mojave beta code but idk what it actually means.

2) If it's not possible, then is there a way to run a 32bit game in Catalina/Big Sur ?

I'm sure my request sounds quite stupid but I'm desperate to run that game haha.

Thank you so much for your help

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