Hackintosh multiboot not working.

I was dual booting Windows 10 and Ubuntu on one drive. Then I installed MacoS on a separate drive using opencore 0.6.6. Hackintosh is working and only boots when USB is available. When I boot without USB it directly boots Windows. When I boot with USB opencore menu let me goto grub and boot Ubuntu, but from Opencore then grub does not boot Windows correctly and it gives BSOD saying "Kernal trap". I copied opencore EFI to Macos drive, but it cannot boot independently without USB. Here are the things briefly,

  1. I can boot Windows without opencore USB , no other OS
  2. I can boot Ubuntu from Opencore menu from USB and then grub menu, windows BSOD here
  3. I can boot Macos from opencore from usb

Can you guys help me with this... 🙏 ❤

My system, AMD ryzen 5, B550 chipset, 16 GB RAM

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