Almost works Lenovo Thinkpad T430 with MacOS Mojave - no sleep (OC)

TL;DR: Sleep not working properly. Questions below about what to do

Recently installed MacOS Mojave, and enjoying it - however, still facing significant problems in getting sleep, audio, and battery working. Sleep is the main focus to fix as without sleep, it will be difficult to use the laptop regularly.

Problems with SLEEP:

None of the solutions on this link seem to work: When I press the sleep button on macOS Mojave (my current version), the display simply turns off - by moving the mouse or pressing the button it will turn on. I have tried almost all of the solutions on that link except those that are not related to my laptop build (example: Thunderbolt or NVMe) and audio (which I have yet to figure out). For example, I have tried USB Mapping, CPU power management, IRQ conflicts, changing BIOS settings, etc. I also attempted some DSDT patches online for my laptop, but all failed to compile correctly on MaciASL. (for reference, I tried using patches from here (trying to fix battery), here, and here (might be the same as the one before it, since it's a fork))

Three main questions:

1) How do I verify that USB mapping has worked successfully?

2) Is it worth using outside patches, and if so - how do I handle errors? (some errors are "this object does not exist" in reference to an object like SBND (not real object, but what it looks like))

3) What other strategies can I take to get sleep to work?

4) For DSDT Patches, I have dumped the System DSDT in Windows 10, used "iasl" terminal utility to make into .dsl, then done patches. Is this the right way to be doing it?

Build: Lenovo Thinkpad T430, Intel i5-3320m Ivy Bridge 2.60Ghz, Intel HD 4000, 1600x900 display, two SSD drives (one with MacOS, the other dual booting Ubuntu and Windows 10)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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