macOS used to boot very quickly, but I'm having issues with the boot process hanging.

More or less the title, except I have photos of the verbose debug output when I'm booting up!

Errors appear in this order:

  1. virtual IOReturn will appear and cause the system to pause for a little bit.
  2. telemetry shows up and bombs the system. It'll sometimes hold for up to a minute, but usually lasts about 35-45 seconds.
  3. SOMETIMES I'll get the _vnode errors, but I haven't seen it every time.
  4. I'll then always get busy timeout[0], this hangs for a while and then eventually the system boots into macOS with no issues present at all when I'm working.

Wondering if anyone has any ideas about what's going on? I used to be able to boot within 30 seconds from off to completely booted into macOS. Nowadays it takes upwards of a minute and a half.

Help me Obi-Wan Redditoni, you're one of my only hopes (aside from the discord).

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